I promise to be at the front

@Lentesta is it possible to add a check box that says “I promise to be right at the front at rope drop, walk fast, throw elbows as necessary, and be the first ones on the ride?”

Specifically, I’m making a plan for 13 Jan at AK and it tells me that if I head to expedition everest first thing, I’ll arrive about 9:10 and have to wait 15 minutes on a crowd level 2.

I’ve hit EE at rope drop before, and being at the front of the pack, it is a walk on ride.

I feel like this has happened at other rides, too. It’s almost like there is an assumption that I will be behind a big crowd. So, if there was a way to indicate that I’ll be the first to ride, waits for the initial ride will be lower and it won’t affect my second step.

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Haha… love this! :slight_smile:

Maybe try adding a pre-RD meal at a close restaurant and then put in a fake FPP?

After the “throw elbows” comment, @Lentesta might have to add a drop down menu for time spent dealing with Orange County Deputies. Then you would have to optimize again.

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Even if you don’t have one, if you input that you have a FP+ for it, it will eliminate the wait time. I do this in my TP for TSM at HS for the same reason.

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What jmiceli123 said.

I also add an extra FP in when I’m going to do the single rider option.
For reasons unknown, TP stopped giving “single rider” as an option.
It used to be there in 2012.

If I recall, they do not model the single rider line times because they are too unpredictable.

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I think that’s expecting an awful lot from TP, especially since it’s destined to leave a lot of people disappointed (and requesting refunds) when they check the “I’ll be at the front!” box then wind up not at the front, sending their daily plan into disarray… which they then blame on TP.
Would just make more since to block off a 20 minute “break” at the beginning of the day, OR start your TP at 8:15 am.

Though, making personalized touring plans is a free feature, and I will be at the front :wink:

All decent work arounds; I’ll play with different options

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