I need tips for making reservations for a group of 12

My husband and I are treating our family to a Disney vacation this September.
We are staying at a Disney resort (BLT) and plan to make our reservations 180 days in advance.
As I understand, many venues fill very quickly I thought I’d break our reservations down into 4 sets and have my three daughters and myself go online on our designated morning and process our requests.
1-My concern is how to best procure tables for 12?
2-Has anyone had better luck with specific venues by calling?
Thank you

Be sure and ask for “group dining” when you call 407-WDW-DINE, for reservations. They can help do you won’t have to separate into smaller groups for dining. Call at 180 days, plus 10, for best selection.

Call group dining!! However also be flexble. Usually a group of 12 can’t talk / see everyone any way. So be flexibile to two groups of 6 3 of 4, 4 of 3, 6 of 2 - everyone sprinkled about the restaurant (maybe not). However be flexible that it may be two separate group (may be a good time to ditch the kids at a table)

Thank you for the advice. I’m a “planner” and I would love to have as many details wrapped up in advance as possible.

I am too ( a Project Manger by trade). I like to have big things taken care of - especially with a large group. The more people you have - the fewer decisions get made!!

I’m going to agree and say be flexible. Sit down and figure out how you’d be willing to split your group up if they’re unable to accommodate a party of 12 for some reason. However, if you do ask for group dining, I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t be able to accommodate you most places.

Personally, one of the best group dining experiences we had was at the Biergarten at the World Showcase in Epcot. We went this past May and they were great and with it being a buffet, it allowed us to move around a little.

We have just finished making ADRs for our party of 12 ready for when we visit in early July. We got everything we wanted by going online 180 days out.