I Need Help with my Personalized Touring Plans! Please!

Hi there! I am a member of Touringplans.com, and attempted to create my own personalized plans. I will be in MK on Thursday, July 26th at rope drop (no EMH). I inserted all desired rides, and hit optimize. The plan that I got back was to ride 1.Buzz, 2.BTMR, and 3.Splash before 4.SDMT with an estimated 45 minute wait for SDMT. I think I am doing something wrong as this goes against all my instincts to ride SDMT at rope drop. It then tells me to do 5.Space Mt, 6.Little Mermaid, and then 7.Peter Pan with an estimated 60 minute wait for PP. Can anyone help or advise? Is this really the optimal ride order? Am I doing something wrong? TIA

The optimizer is taking into account a couple things:

First, 7DMT and a few of the other headliners will get a balloon crowd at rope drop and then have the wait times drop a bit as that line gets through, before beginning the steady build for the day, while the short-length attractions it’s sending you to will just get the steady build. It’s trying to get you on to steady-build attractions before the line builds and trying to hit the sweet spot of the line going back down before the build.

In addition, remember that you’re also outside your FP+ window right now. It should be giving you insight as to which FPs to try to get, which will then influence your plan as well.

Be sure to input your FPs once you get them and hit ‘Optimize’ again to see how you did.


It may be that the wait times for the other attractions will be longer later in the day on your date. Mantra: trust the plan.

As an alternative, though, you can manually move 7D to the top of the order and then EVALUATE (not optimize) and see how that affects your overall day.


So much this. The optimizer is trying to do its best to reduce total waiting, even if that means pushing all of the waiting to just a few attractions.


I would want to rope drop just about anything else but 7DMT. That line-up was stressful and jostling. Let everyone else run with the bulls and head somewhere besides Fantasyland.


Did you put in your plan the Welcome ceremony as the very first thing? Someone here tipped me off to the fact that that is the way you tell the system you are rope dropping (vs. walking in the park gates at 9) and this may change what it suggests you do.

Are you also looking at what it tells you would be the best FP+ options to do? You need to see which it suggests first and then input that & optimize, then repeat individually for its next two FP+ suggestions. That should help with some of the crazy wait times for 3 of them.

I asked the same thing a few weeks ago, and was directed to this video just published last month:

After watching, repeat our mantra : “trust the touring plan…trust the touring plan…”

That’s interesting, Smorris. I’m going to try that and see what happens.


So I just did add the welcome show to the plan, and 7DMT went immediately to the step after the welcome show with a 10 minute wait. Comparing the rest of the plans, I will be able to finish my plan now about 15 before my original plan. Not a lot since gains made riding 7DMT were lost elsewhere, particularly Peter Pan, Space Mountain, and Enchanted Tales. I’m outside my FP window, so my plan is to FP either 7DMT or Space Mountain, RD the other, and definitely take FPS for Enchanted Tales and Peter Pan.


I will try inserting the Welcome ceremony to see what happens. Thanks!

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That’s very interesting…yet confusing. LOL

That was our initial plan too. My travel agent suggested to rope drop PP instead since it has a cool queue and do a FP for space mountain. Just passing along for you to think about. We wanted no part of the SDMT rope drop rush so did that as FP for sure.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Peter Pan movie, so the queue isn’t a big deal to me. But getting through all I want to see in one day is as that is all the time we have for MK.