I need help choosing a resort!

Hello all,

I have a few questions regarding an upcoming trip in September. My family and I (mom and sisters, all adults) are considering staying at one of the following hotels: Beach Club, Boardwalk, Old Key West, or Saratoga Springs. We don’t stay in deluxe accommodations very often, so we are looking for a neat experience. Ease of transportation is also very important to us. Anyone have a recommendation?

I also wanted to ask if anyone has experience with David’s DVC rentals? Good? Bad? Easy?


Beach club and Boardwalk are in walking distance of Epcot and HS.

Beach club has the added advantage of Stormalong Bay. If you plan on any downtime, for swimming that would be my choice.

OKW and SSR are much more spread out and have a laid back feel to them. You can walk to Disney Springs from SSR. Rooms are biggest at OKW.

However, coming in September means you may be limited by what’s available. The food & wine festival starts in September which may make BC and BW difficult to get, and free dining offers may have an effect on availability too.

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Beach Club and Boardwalk are in a higher class if you’re planning on spending a decent amount of time at Ep and DHS. Their proximity to those parks is a pretty big perk.

DVC rentals should be a pretty easy experience, but you may have missed an important booking window for a price break.

Also, you might want to consider the Costco Swan pkg if anyone in your party is an executive member. It very well might NOT be what you are looking for, but it’s worth checking out.

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