I need advice about making a tour plan for a family with a toddler

Our family will be visiting Disney Land for the first time at the end of the month. Our 2 year old is more than excited! I want this to be a great experience not only for him, but for my husband and I. I have started making our tour plan and have so many questions. Would it make sense to design our plan around a particular walking path. For example, from the back of the park to the front? I also, need to reserve rides for our fastpasses. Should these be used earlier in the day so that we can fit in more rides? Any advice will be more than appreciated.

Take a look at the ready-made Disneyland Touring Plans for Parents with Small Children - http://touringplans.com/disneyland/touring-plans/parents-with-small-children. They will give you lots of good ideas, and you may find that one of them fits your needs perfectly.

Otherwise, when you make you own TP use the Optimizer as it will tell you when to get FPs. I would set the walking speed slower than the default and also set it to minimize walking.