I miss Disney World so hard

We had 8 days in the parks back in January 2020. That was the longest stay I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy. It’s been less than 8 months since that trip. I feel the strong urge to go back already. In the past, I’ve been able to go 2 years between visits and felt okay about it. The planning always helps. I am really struggling now though. I’m currently listening to Sorcerer Radio to take the edge off. Or is it making it worse? Hard to say.
We will be going to Universal in early Decemeber for 5 days. Think there will be any chance of Disney offering DAH by then? I doubt it.
The next earliest we planned to go is Dec 2021 possibly. How am I going to make it??


Who knows. But I have a suspicion/hope that Disney will have some kind of after hours event (lower case, not upper case!) by December. It might be a modified Christmas Party type thing, perhaps. I’m thinking, given the limited hours, that they might be prime for doing something like that. Also, there is the rumor that fireworks might be coming back in SOME form to Disney due to some recent filings for permits for work to be done at MK related to fireworks. If that’s the case, I could see them perhaps doing fireworks only during some kind of limited party or after hours event.

I just have a feeling Disney is going to start bringing back some things that they hope will bring in the crowds. Parties would be an excellent way to do this, PLUS drive up their revenue. I think they can modify the parties in such a way to maintain social distancing requirements with limited capacities and STILL drive a profit from it.

We shall see!

But don’t lament Universal instead of Disney. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Universal for this trip…although, 5 days seems a little on the lengthy side. We did 2 1/2 days. I could see 4 days, maybe, if you were planning to do Volcano Bay. Or else keep it relaxed like we do and be done at the parks early each day.


Yeah, that is what I keep thinking! It seems like Disney would make some nice profit on some after park events. If there is anything at all available during our trip, we will definitely go! Universal closes early anyway, so why not spend the evening having more fun?

And we do not lament going to Universal. We have been looking forward to it for so long! And then our trip was cancelled when the parks were closed. We are kind of happy it is in December now, so DH can have all the hot butterbeer he wants!

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Same here. We went in January 2020. We had another trip booked for early January 2021, which has been cancelled for the most part (it was a big family trip and most people did not feel comfortable going). I keep looking at the Disney website for availability for trips for just my immediate family around the same time. The quarantine is an issue with kids returning to school in September. Also, the border is still closed so who knows if I would even be able to travel. Ugh. I wish there was a Disney in Canada. I’d be there in a heartbeat. (Who are we kidding I would have a platinum AP lol).

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Me too actually! If it was right near the Canada/Michigan border that would be great! (We live Michigan)

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There were rumours a few years ago about one maybe in Toronto. It turned out to be a (very mean IMO) April fool’s day prank. It was going to be in Toronto on the island.

The easiest option would likely be to buy Wonderland in Toronto and convert it. It is near the airport and has a huge following already. It might have too many coasters (17) and thrill rides for a typical Disney park, but they could remove some of the less popular ones and put in more inside attractions (i.e. typical Disney dark rides). It is huge too. Like 3x the size of the Magic Kingdom. They could split it into 2 parks to sell more tickets.


You have my vote! That would be amazing!!

I assume it runs only during the summer? Or is it entirely covered?

Also, I just googled it and its only about 5.5 hours from where we live. I’d get an annual pass if they converted it to a Disney park!

Wait. Would this have meant nudism would be allowed? (There’s a nudist beach on that island!)

We, too, live in Michigan. But having a park this far north would make Disney a seasonal park, and not really that enticing for making profit as a result. :confused:

It only runs from about late April to October, so I think it would be a tough sell for Disney - that’s a lot of infrastructure to shut down for half the year.

This is fantasy, so overhead doesn’t exist :wink:

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Actually, it does. In order to make the northern park work, Disney will enclose the entire park in a giant dome that protects blue skies and sun throughout the day…and even simulates an occasional rain storm from time to time. This way you can enjoy summer weather even in February! And this is, of course, all over head! :wink:


Even better!!

I don’t know, I think that one of the things that makes the Northern park unique would be winter - I’d say that from December to March we have some “flurries”. I remember being there in 2000 for New Year’s Eve and walking down a street and it was “snowing” and it was magical.

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Most of the existing parks have weather issues (i.e. hurricanes, extreme heat) so I don’t think that is reason enough. Even in Disney the water parks close during the winter for maintenance. The same could be done here. I don’t see snow as being significantly differ than the rain they get in WDW. More of the attractions could be built indoors to provide a break from the cold and snow (just like with the heat and rain).

Also, while Wonderland is only open seasonally, it is obviously making a profit even being open for 5-6 months a year (this year being the exception obviously as it hasn’t opened all year). Disney could open it for closer to 10 months a year easily given the warmer winters we have here now.

I suspect that many people living in colder parts of the US and Canada wouldn’t have too much trouble attending the parks with a bit of snow. We know how to dress for it, just like people in California and Florida know how to dress for the weather they have there.

LOL. Pretty sure it wouldn’t fit with Disney’s plans.

True. They’d still mandate wearing masks… :wink:


Agreed. I think there are so many opportunities to make it unique. Frozen comes immediately to mind for IP. I also think you could have a snow park instead of water park. Have some sledding, skating, etc. Or maybe there is a way to make a park that works for water in summer and snow in winter. No idea.

Blizzard Beach? :wink:

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Haha. Or do the reverse. A summer themed beach resort styled snow park.

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