I might have just reserved a hotel for a weekend at DLR!

I am planning to attend a conference in San Diego in October and am thinking of tacking on a quick visit afterwards.

I haven’t decided it is a go yet, but I booked two nights (10/14 and 10/15) because there was almost zero hotel availability. Opted to go directly through the hotel instead of a “package” so I didn’t have to spend any money now.

There is actually some chatter from other conference attendees to make it a group effort…but I don’t know if that will actually happen.


Well, duh.

I am assuming you mean an offsite hotel?

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Yes, I would not be able to rationalize the cost of an on site stay to dh!

The closest option was the Grand Legacy at the Park. Everything else was pretty booked up or farther away than I would like.


Let me know if you like the hotel. I see myself doing something like this someday

Most Liners have positive impressions of Grand Legacy. I have never stayed there myself, but it seems to be a good option.


If you have a chance, check out Lolita’s Taco Shop in SD. Carne asada fries or a California burrito.

How long of a drive from San Diego to Disneyland. My company is trying to get me to go to San Diego for a month or 2. I know little about California (except high taxes) and have only been to California when visiting Mountain View when working for Google.

I also have some ancient WDW tickets I don’t plan on ever using. i wonder if I can exchange them for Disneyland tickets.

I will be at a conference at a hotel just off the trolley line a stop or two away from the mall north of the city.

We generally have a night in Old Town (part of the conference) with amazing food, but I couldn’t tell you what restaurant provided it.


I haven’t investigated how I am getting there yet!! :grin:

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Old Town is awesome too. I hope you have a great time. I’m originally from SD, but moved away almost 7 years ago and miss it there.

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This conference is there every other year and I think I have been in SD about 5x now?

Dh was stationed there when he was in the Navy but he has yet to join me on a trip.

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My favorite place to eat in SD is in Old Town…, I love it!

Also San Diego is about 2 hours south of DLR.


An hour and half to two hour drive, no traffic.

There’s a commuter train that runs from SD up the coast, but I don’t know the stops in Orange County.


Just changed it to three nights (added Thursday the 13th to Friday and Saturday) after checking Oogie Boogie dates.

I am assuming Oogie Boogie is worth doing?

My conference ends on the evening of the 12th. I was going to give myself a swing day, but the party dates are the 13th or the 16th and I need to be back on the east coast working on Monday the 17th.

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If you want to do the boogie bash, buy your tix asap. They sell out crazy quickly in DL vs WDW.