I met Ridley Pearson today and went all Disney fan girl

My sixth graders (yes I’m a crazy middle school teacher) were treated to a presentation by the author Ridley Pearson today and I got to chat with him for awhile afterward. He was awesome, but specifically I was glued to his info on the “Kingdom Keepers” series and how he did his Disney research. Crazy cool! I didn’t know it was actually Disney’s idea for him to write the series and (after some negotiating) he had pretty much unlimited access to everything in WDW, DLR and the cruise ships. Among other things, he told about his research ride on Small World with the emergency lights only and the dolls stuck in one position. Not sure if that level of creepy is a fair trade for not having to hear the song over and over and over… anyhow, he’s been in all the back rooms and secret places in the parks and on the ships. He also told me his next Kingdom Keepers series will be more historical, focusing on the opening of the parks and the early days. I was like a wide-eyed kid, and told him that when I retire I want to be his valet (and I’ll work for free). Thought I’d share with my touringplans peeps who are more likely to appreciate the info than… say… my family ;). Now I’m off to read all the books again!


Totally awesome! Did he says when that series would be out? I read his books to my boys on the 2 day drive home from WDW when they were small. I loved them as much as the kids did.

That is really awesome!

They’re called “Kingdom Kids” and he said they’d be out next year. I’m looking forward to it!

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I just saw your post - it came up on my feed. We just read Kingdom Keepers and loved the series!! Can’t wait to tell my son about Kingdom Kids!!! This is awesome!!!