I LOVE my AP hotel discount!

I was just booking a room for Labor Day weekend, and comparing my AP room-only discount with Orbitz discounts, and in almost every case, my AP discount price was better. Hooray!

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Got a nice rate for YC club level in late Sept. today. I'm going to see Rick Springfield at Eat to the Beat!!!


@LaurelStewart and @B_squared, we are on the fence about getting an AP. We currently have two trips planned over thanksgiving and spring break. The cost between our regular tickets and the AP is only a $19 difference. Do you know if AP discounts have been offered in the past over the holidays?

you may see him at the YC CL. I think thats where they tend to stay.. lol

quickly checking to see who's playing our week & hoping for interesting neighbours

What is the AP discount, typically?

I think there is an AP discount going just about all year. I'm not a TA, so make no claims to expertise, but I've never known a time without an AP discount. Sometimes they book up -- but I think there is always one on offer. Typically a few dollars better than the current public offer -- so, for example, I think right now for late summer the regular public offer is 30% off Pop, and I booked it for 35% off. I also like that with the APs we can park hop in a carefree way, we don't pay for parking, and we get discounts at many shops. With an AP you are also eligible to buy the Tables in Wonderland card that can save you money with dining. (Ok, where's my paycheck, Disney? Aren't I doing a good enough job selling this thing here?) smile


I'm hoping to make use of the AP discount in Nov. We currently have the RO offer booked but I'd love to be able to save a few more dollars. thumbsup

What is the best way to track when the discounts are released? This AP thing is new to me. blush

Well I usually find out that the new AP discounts have been released because somebody on Lines posts "hey! the new AP discounts are out!" Ha ha. smile Or your TA can keep an eye out and let you know. I'm sure there is a more systematic way to do this too.

In MDE on the website there is a link to passholder offers. Also, if you log on and you have an AP linked it will show you all offers for rooms including AP rate when checking resorts.

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Thanks @B_squared! I'm hooked on Lines so hopefully I won't miss it!! laughing I didn't use a TA but will consider doing so in the future.

Thanks @PrincipalTinker! That helps a lot. The key is linking the AP to MDE. I will need to do that.

I wouldn't bank on a discount over Thanksgiving; there are none listed right now. If you're on the fence, get a pass for one of the adults in the party - you only need one per room to get a discount.


Just switched from Pop to CBR. For three nights, AP RO discount was $30 cheaper total than Orbitz discount.