I Just Don't Get Test Track

TT is consistently one of the most popular attractions in EP. But even when I rode it as a kid, I thought it was completely lame. I watched a ride-through video on youtube, and it seems just as lame as I remember. Sure, you go fast for about 10 seconds at the end. But, you’re just in a car. I can go fast with the windows down in my own car on the way to the park… zero wait time.

I’m not a generally negative guy. I like most of the rides in WDW. I like SE and Nemo and LWTL. But I just cannot get excited about TT.

But it seems that 99% of the world disagrees with me. What am I missing?

Still, by all means world, keep queuing up for TT. That’s one less LL that I have to try to get.


What I like about TT is the game aspect. Designing the car (or rather up to this point, seeing the car my kids design) and then seeing how their selections perform at the different tests that you get to experience is fun.

I know it’s impossible since each ride vehicle is ‘testing’ multiple designs, but I wish that somehow the ride reflected the design, like maybe less power led to a slower acceleration or poor handling gets you closer to the neon lorry :woman_shrugging:t4:
But the ride is still fun all the same.

I think the game aspect will be fun for the kids as they get older too. Previous visits (maximum of age 8) they’ve been too young to understand it all. I think future visits will be more competitive.


I ride TT exactly for those 10 seconds of awesomeness. Better than nothing? :woman_shrugging:


I liked the first version of Test Track much better, before they changed it in 2012. The focus was much more on the testing (crash test dummies!), and less on the design. DH and I worked in new product design/development, and product testing was a big part of my everyday life. Our family, including two boys, really enjoyed that queue. So much neat stuff to see - and relate to. Our sons even had several crash test dummies toys. The ride made sense in terms of putting the vehicle through various tests.

But the Tron style redesign in 2012 changed the entire focus to how well you could design a car that would score high. MB came along a year later. Plus our sons were becoming teens who could actually drive. The ride became less interesting and less thrilling. I had wilder rides when my sons drove at home! I agree, I only ride it for the 10 seconds of going fast - and even then, I only ride as single rider for the short line.


I don’t think it’s worth a really long line but it’s fun to ride. The premise of it is what makes it interesting to me. You’re like a crash test dummy in a lab testing cars, which is a decent tie in to the experimental nature of original EPCOT.

My favorite memory of the ride though, is from when my daughter was 6 and went on it for the first time. She thought she was actually designing the car we’d be riding in. Like it would somehow roll out reflecting what she made. She was so mad that she scowled the entire ride.:rofl: She said it was the most disappointing thing at Disney World. We still laugh about that.


TT was probably the most thrilling ride at EPCOT (not saying much) until Guardians, which is why Guardians was such an important addition. That is why I’m sure it has always had long lines.

It is usually fun when my kids just get to 40 inches but as they get older, they really just want to design the car.

Having ridden Radiator Springs Racers has made TT even less important to us. Really wish they would do a redesign.


It’s not for me either. I only do it when I’m with people who want to ride. 100% skippable for me


For some reason my husband really likes TT so that’s the only reason I go on it. Otherwise, totally skippable for me especially with the typical long line.

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Skippable. DH likes it so I go along.


My kid likes it. He likes designing the car too. I don’t really like any of it and wouldn’t ride if it wasn’t for him.

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I will say that RSR at DCA is AWESOME and it’s essentially the same as TT at WDW. Which goes to show you how far theming goes to make or break a ride.


I skip TT.

Mission Space fully leaded version is thrilling.

I don’t generally require a thrilling ride at either Epcot or AK.

Same with Indiana Jones DL and Dino AK.

Oh and the Mater ride and ASS.


Lol. I remember the first time DS18 went 65. I held on to that oh $&@/ bar for dear life! Definitely way more thrilling. But I do like Test Track cuz I’m safe!

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All true! Apparently in TDR Journey to the Center of the Earth is the same as well. @meekomist which of the three is best? And if you did Baymax which of the whip rides is best? RSR > TT for :100:

I like TT. Not a must do but I do enjoy it. I loved the old theme with the test dummies, but I don’t mind the 2012 version.

When I went in 2019 with my partner who had never been to WDW before, I was expecting TT to be a one and done for them. They adored it. We did it 3-4 times that Epcot day I think? Lol.

They loved the 10 seconds of speed but also the car designing. The car designing was a huge hit with them.

Our favorite car we designed we named “Eco Warrior”. We still talk about Eco Warrior to this day. It sucked in every way but it was incredibly environmentally friendly lol. Made the leaderboard that day




It’s a skip for me but it’s my kids favorite ride. When I visited with my friend who worked at GM, we got to go in the GM employee lounge and unlimited fast passes, which was fun

I like it better at night but could skip it.

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If I have G+ already or am at an EP DAH or EEH then I’ll ride it but otherwise probably not anymore. There’s enough to get in at Epcot already.


It is skippable for me, but DD really likes it and then I find I always enjoy it. Its that thing that is ways better than I remeber it being.