I just can't figure out my touring plans!😫Please help

Why am I making this so difficult? I know, because people like me plan for trips to Disneyworld for months or even years and want everything perfect! I know that there will be some not so perfect moments but, I just can’t get my touring plans right. I start one and then think, "those rides are too far apart I don’t want to waste so much time walking ". Or else it’s " we have a lot of free time on this plan. Maybe I should add something " . I’ve even thought about changing FP times or ADR times . How do I do this and not go crazy? :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

Keep moving things around and “evaluate” so that it keeps them in your order.
I have always built my touring plans to, more or less, go in a circle. I’m super anal and I want to have a clean, logical order of attractions as opposed to criss-crossing. There might be better ways to tour each park but, for me, I like knowing that i’m “going in order”. For example, we usually tour Magic Kingdom going clockwise - starting by the Swiss Family Treehouse and going clockwise around the park, ending in tomorrowland. We are fast walkers but we set our walking speed to relaxed - if only for peace of mind that I know we won’t be rushing.
See how the wait times look after adjusting your plan to your liking and then, if possible, tweak FPs and ADRs to fit.
I should add that I have always tweaked each of my touring plans SO MANY TIMES. It feels like a complete mess and then suddenly it all falls into place. It’s such a satisfying moment. Haha.

We ended up getting completely off track from our touring plans every single day. I just adjusted and optimized in the park. In MK by mid afternoon we were just going on what we could get FPP for. It was nice to have a plan what we wanted to do, but beyond that, a hard clad plan ended up being a little much for us.