I just cannot with my DHS plan!

Folx, I am struggling with what I’m going to do at DHS. It is just DH and I and we have basically a half day at DHS, morning and night. DH is willing to pay for Genie+ but not really ILLs. We will absolutely be at the front for rope drop so I’m going to rope drop MMRR and ride RotR at 8:30pm. We have Oga’s at 9:25pm. I’m going to use DH’s middling BG skills to hopefully get a SDD return time prior to noon.

If we are very first in line at MMRR, do you think it’s reasonable that we could get to MFSR before 9? TP is suggesting that my wait will be 80 minutes at that point but Thrill Data suggests it will be under 30 minutes. If I don’t have to try for the MFSR LL at exactly 11am then I think I will be free to ultimately get more LLs including TT for our “break” at Epcot. And also do we think RotR will be less than 2 hours at 8pm right??

Any advice is welcome! The latest TP post breaks down the cost and suggests that Genie+ is worth it if it saves you over an hour in line, which I think it will with Slinky, but it still feels like a waste if I have to otherwise use it at like Star Tours and Muppets!


ThrillData is more accurate. I love TP, but it’s calculations for the first 30 minutes are consistently incorrect as they try to adjust for when the “majority” of people actually get into the parks.

IME - Trust TP data for times after the first hour of park open. ThrillData is a really great source and can be used in combination with TP.

I read that Blog and think they make valid points. I’d buy it just for Slinky and grab whatever along the way in coordination with my TP. If you are at the step in your TP for a ride that has G+/LL available then grab it. Enjoy the “bonus” time in your plan. If it’s not available, you’ll still be saving more time than most with your TP anyway…

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I think he’s got it backwards, at this park in particular.


Well it feels like $15 per ride either way here. $15 for Slinky vs. $15 for RotR. At least with the $15 for Slinky we might be able to get TT later in the afternoon. I suppose maybe I could talk him into the $8 for MMRR!


Thanks! So hopefully with 8:30am rope drop, I should be able to do MMRR, MFSR and get to TSMM prior to 10am. Perhaps with a Ronto breakfast wrap thrown in there.

Is MMRR and SDD high priority (must do) for you guys being without the kiddos?

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I don’t think that’s unreasonable if you truly RD - one hour before park open. IMHO - You will be bouncing ride-to-ride with little time to look around if that’s an issue.

I think so! It’s funny that you mention it that way. I guess MMRR is a priority because we’ve only ever done it once. (Probably why it’s the ILL for now…) But SDD is one of my favorite coasters! But I will probably need to talk to DH because we could also probably swap RotR and do MMRR at night instead.

I think I’m fine with that because it’s just opening until 10/10:30 and then honestly we’ll just be waiting around until our SDD window opens. I think we’re planning to Lyft to the Speedway as soon as we’re done booking at 7am.


Ha! I’m just different in that I prioritize the thrill rides if time is tight. :crazy_face:

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Well my brain cannot handle RRC and it’s usually DS5 that drags us on ToT! I’m seriously most looking forward to shopping at Dok Ondar’s which I could never do because last time there was always a line and my kids would break something.


Aw shoot, I’ll get to that point too sometime!

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It’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but still great and plenty to see!

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I love SDD at night so my inclination would be to do it right before park close. I just think it looks cooler.

Also if it’s just you and DH and you’ve done MFSR before, the single rider line is AWESOME. You bypass the pre-show and you may not ride together but you can get on very quickly.

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I support this! I stood and just watched Dok for 5 min at my last visit. I can’t get over how real he looks with the moving and everything.

Also, when I went in October, there were cast members set up with sabaac tables. I stopped a played a few hands (and of course bought a deck to take home!)