I hear that starting today

Guests can exchange leftover QS dining credits for FPPs. Last day of your visit only and some attractions are exempt.


Sounds like an April fool.



It is my understanding is that you have to purchase a cream cheese churro and tap that at the Mickey on the FPP tapstiles for this to work.


If it’s not a tier 1 attraction, can I split my QS credit into 3 snack credits and let 3 people ride?



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Refillable popcorn buckets are now tapable. Tap any second fast pass point and receive a free ride photo.


NFC on cell phones and credit cards can also be used at touch points. Skip the lines when entering the parks, just buy your ticket right at the tapstiles! Plus, you can automatically buy FPP right at the line the same way!

Hmm. I’m going to have to rethink my position on the Disney Dining Plan. This news is a game-changer!!!

This actually sounds like a topic we should stay away from. I foresee Disney moving to the budget airline pricing model (similar to the old General Admission and ride coupons). Base ticket gets you in the park and standby lines. Add on FPP package. Add on dining package. Add on parade viewing…oh wait, we’re basically there, I think it’s just FPP that is still available to everybody without paying extra. And even that is sort of tiered at this point with Club Level and on-site getting priority.