I have rider swaps, do you want them?

@mdu @camsdad @niter @mascardofamily @derekburgan @weasus @anyoneelsewhoisalocal

I have these that need to be used by the end of the month. If you promise you’ll use some, I’ll send you ones you want.

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I can get them tomorrow!!!

Oh, you’re home…

I’ll mail 'em…but I figure there is a better chance of arriving at a local’s doorstep, vs someone who say is leaving tomorrow

@keithloveswaffles we will be at MK sat. Heather can give you her address.

Thank you! Again. You gave me some a couple years ago (plus liquor) when we were supposed to meet up. I’ll pm you

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Yeah, no booze this time…and you were supposed to buy me a drink at the top of the world, but I didn’t remember until now, which doesn’t help me any.

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They would have to get here by Fri for us to use them Sat. I told him to give the MK ones to someone else and we will use the rest.

I’ll get them in the mail tomorrow

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Thank you! :blush::turtle::turtle::turtle:

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thinking of changing my user name to @anyoneelsewhoisalocal

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Mdu called dibs on the non mk ones, do you want the MK ones?

omg. I’m totally kidding. I won’t be there until PHM. But thanks!!!

I just liked the new name. LOL

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We are heading down a week from tomorrow and will be there through the 31st. I’d love to have whatever mdu doesn’t want.

PM me your address and I’ll get them in the mail!

We got them today in the mail. Thank you again so very much! We will put them to good use this weekend!

Great! I’m glad they got to you in time. Have fun, and enjoy the shorter line.