I have questions. Again

Sorry, guys. I really thought I wasn’t headed back for at least another year and now I’m planning on short notice so I’m gonna be a pain with all the questions.

1- MK on a night where there is an after hours event that we are not going to: Worth it to be there that evening or pick another one? Park closes at 9 that night for the 10-1 MKAH. Think they will stay open later on non-event nights (all currently listed as closing at 9)? If we go to MK the evening of MKAH will the arriving event people significantly change crowds/wait times from 7-9pm?

2-Dessert parties. (Did I ask this already?) What’s the food situation these days? This is the second annual childhood BFFs trip and last year we had a great time finding new and different ways to see MK FW each night (fave is while on a boat from Poly with a beverage btw). BFF has never seen HEA so wondering if it might be worth it to splurge on a great spot and some drinks.

Thanks, as always.

If it’s one of those paid parties, generally, the crowds are a little lower, as people who won’t take advantage of said party will stay away.

Do it for the extra space in the fireworks viewing area. The food is rather pedestrian. Pudding, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries. Soda, POG juice, lemonade. There used to be hot options, like Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake, but I’m not sure if that’s back.

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It is. It’s the MK After Hours. Not a party like MNSSHP. So park is open until 9. Think that will keep some people away?

If the rest of the nights are also 9:00 pm closings, probably not. It’s those 6 to 7 pm closings that will scare the “normies”


Won’t affect crowds really at all. Would depend more on whether it’s important to you to be in the park for later hours. I personally really enjoy that so I would choose another park to visit on the event night, and visit MK on a non-event night. In fact, just yesterday I was beginning to work on planning my June trip and there are three AA events - I plan to work around all of them

Not really true for After Hours since the park is still open til 9 which most see as acceptable. As compared to MNSSHP or MVMCP when the park closes at 6 - then there is a notable crowd difference


I love late nights at the park. But truth of the matter is on our trip last year we were POOPED and left before late night closing anyway. Ofc BFF was 14 days out from a COVID infection so I think she still had a lot of fatigue. I had no excuse.

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I was there Friday. Since it was at 6:30 pm I planned on it being “dinner”. There were no savory options other than cheese cubes. Only hot option was a hot apple crepe. I don’t drink alcohol, so that expense was fairly wasted on me, but I was alone and since it rained on and off before the fireworks, I was able to dash out 15 min before they started and still get an amazing spot to watch them.


Thanks for the intel! Trying to decide if it’s really worth it for us. Of course, if it rains we will be wishing we’d done it!

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