I have new Disney Movie Rewards codes to share

Hey everyone,

I came into a handful of codes from DVD’s we buy for the library. I can only use a couple, so I am passing them on. Use them in good health. All from Cars 3 movie:











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I used this one. Thanks so much @owenbohn!

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Inquiring minds what to know: What are Disney Movie Rewards codes?

I got one. Thanks @owenbohn!

Very cool of you.

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Used one. Thanks!

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Thank you! used this one: WQJTRJKNVQA

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Hey there, it’s a rewards program through Disney. When you buy Disney movies you get a special code inside that you can use towards earning points and then later spend on Disney related merchandise. Because I work at a library I occasionally come into extra codes that I can’t use. Disney Movie Rewards only lets me use one code per movie title per account so I list my extra codes here for people that use the rewards system. It’s pretty cool and the amount of movies the library purchases has allowed me to get gift cards that I could use at the park on my vacations.

Thanks! Used ER5TSVYCF93.

Thank you! I used EQY7ENFSK7J.

Thank you! I used EQZUSXRGBKX

Thanks for the explanation. :slight_smile:

Grabbed this one, thanks!

Well, apart from the ones @amieintx and @Alewis678 used (but didn’t report which ones), these are the ones remaining:

So, really only TWO of them are left…we just can’t be sure WHICH two!

I used the second and the last two were already used.

The first one might still be available.

Thank you for sharing!

Looks like they’re all taken

I just picked a random one, so I’m not sure which one I used.