I have a question about Hawaii

Am I understanding the use of this forum by posting a non-Disney related question here?
We are taking our first trip to Hawaii and have rented a Tahoe. We want to do the Road to Hana drive, and wondered if anyone has done it and would you suggest driving a Tahoe on those narrow roads/bridges??

Will we be able to do it in a Tahoe?

We are renting a large SUV due to 5 people sitting comfortably all week (plus luggage for 5 to airport and back).

I love the info I get here when planning for a Disney trip, and am now lost in how to get the info I need for a Hawaii trip… where to you go for non-Disney travel questions?

We drove the Road to Hana but it was in 2005 and we had a sedan rental car. I wish I could remember for sure but I don’t remember anything being too narrow for an SUV. I will see it my DH remembers.
Some things to note for Maui: we stayed in and loved Lahaina, Mama’s Fish House (near the start/end of the Road to Hana) is fun to stop at for at least a drink and appetizer. Do NOT do the entire loop of the Road to Hana. You need to double back. We talked about going all the way through and found out we would void our rental car agreement if we went all the way through the rougher part.
There is a black stone/sand beach along the way where you can stop and swim. It is amazing.
We got engaged on that trip and I can’t wait to go back someday. Will let you know if I think of anything else or have info of car size for that drive.
You will have a great time!!

Wai’anapanapa State Park is the place with the black stone beach.

Yes, you should be abl to do it in a Tahoe, no problem. They bridges are narrow (single lane), but not that narrow.

Wimp. Do the whole loop - that’s what rental cars are for. DW was horrified, and wanted to take then rental car to a car wash before returning it. :smiley:

Also, we got up at 3:00, did the sunrise at Mt Haleakala, then did the Road to Hana. Go big or go home:…

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Now DH, my uncle and I were in one car and we planned to do it and let my parents and sis and BIL take the safe way out. Then, at one of our stops, we read something that seriously would void our rental car agreement. Then my dad told us no way. So cool that you did it! We loved the drive we did though.

We got my dad a shirt like that but it sounds as if you have the real bragging rights on that one.

Forgot to answer this part of your question. Fortunately we had several groups of friends who had either lived in Hawaii or visited there several times, so we had a lot of resources to draw upon. That being said, we found the “Revealed” series of guidebooks from Wizard Publications for each of the islands to be invaluable.

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It only voids the rental agreement if they find out you did it. :slight_smile: we took ‘The Forbidden Road’ as they called it, and it was some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve had the pleasure of viewing in my entire life. Truly breathtaking coming up the coast. The ride was mildly terrifying though, and I remain convinced that the only reason we stayed on the road was by my utter concentration on clenching my butt cheeks. DH says it wasn’t that bad, but he was driving.

We did it in a minivan. You’ll be fine in a Tahoe, just be very aware of your size and other cars. Have so much fun! We’ve spent a couple weeks in Maui each of the past 2 summers and love it there.

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Yes, definitely want to see the black sand beach.
Do you know if Wai’anapanapa State Park is the ONLY black sand beach in Maui?
I’ve read about Wai… and the pictures look amazing!!!

Also, do you remember how hard it is to get from the parking to the black sand beach itself?
Trying to determine if a 65 year old man who is “okay” but not great on his feet would be able to at least make it to the beach (won’t attempt the caves or hiking trail), but would like to get him on the beach if possible.

Not sure about the first question but my dad who was 58 years old at the time, one year post a horrible battle with cancer and has bad knees was able to check it out. He didn’t join us in the swimming but he and my mom were definitely able to enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

The parking lot is not that far from the beach. You’ll pull off of Hana to the Wai’anapanapa State Park, and there’s a small parking lot. There’s also picnic tables and viewing areas from there. If I recall correctly, it’s blacktop up there, although my daughter did manage to trip and cut her hand. You then walk down to the beach. Honestly, I don’t remember if it was actual stairs or more the ‘nature’ type stairs with large rocks to step on. I know for certain it wasn’t that far, and there were all kinds of people down there. I am confident a 65 year old could do it, I would just be sure someone is standing nearby. I don’t know if this picture will help, but I’m standing at the overlook, looking down on the black beach. To the right is the way down to the beach. It’s not that far.


As usual, you all are awesome! Thanks for the info and pics! Getting excited

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You’re going to love it!! Have so much fun! It can seem daunting to plan it, but it’s so worth it! Enjoy!