I have a problem

Ok, my next trip is now 45 days away (first since 2019) and I’m knee deep in really planning this thing. But am I content to just plan for this trip?


I’m already thinking of our next potential trips. Possibly a trip in early December to show the boys Disney during the holidays. Probably one next year either in Feb and April.

And, to get really crazy, I’m thinking about a F&W trip in 2024 for just DW and I. Context: 2024 will be our 20th anniversary (!) and since we honeymooned at WDW and took many a trip pre-kids, it’s only natural that we plan a trip. Right? Right?

Does anyone else do this or am I a particular level of crazy here?


Good boy.


You realize where you’re posing this question, yes? There are likely fewer who don’t have additional trips planned than there are those who do.


Welcome to the club! I will likely have dates for at least two Disney trips for the rest of my life (with general timing of more beyond that in place).


For instance. I came across this.


DW loves Sangria. This event looks not conducive to kids, but would be perfect for an anniversary trip.

Bookmarked. Hopefully it’s still a thing in 2024.


That is a fantastic event at an amazing price point in a gorgeous setting! DO IT! I did it in April last year and it was phenomenal!


As someone who always came between July and October, I have to tell you: it is magical. I loved our December trip so much.

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Whispering….flights can be cheap if it is not school vacation……


It’s funny. Two years ago we were kind of generally not in favor of taking our oldest out of school for a vacation (our younger one was not in school yet).
Maybe a day here and there but nothing more than that.

The pandemic has kind of changed our perspective on the whole thing. They’ve missed out on so much life, whatever they miss in school we can help supplement.


Yeah we have been asking the state to eliminate the consequences regarding attendance (state law still has a blanket percent that requires letters, meetings, and threats of courts). I believe we are all ignoring that.

In my district we have the ability to share daily assignments through SeeSaw or Google Classroom. Honestly, we would have the ability to live stream instruction (and we did) for families that have illnesses or family emergencies that take them out of state or the country if that was still allowed, but the old rules apply and we learned nothing - so have great family trips.


I am not impressed with DESE, tbh. There was such a reaction to remote learning (for good reason, it wasn’t great overall) that we’ve completely gone in the opposite direction - no remote learning whatsoever. I think in very targeted, short term/temporary situations it can be useful (like an illness or severe weather) but because we’ve decided “remote learning bad” we’ve eliminated even small areas where it could be valuable. Instead we make up classroom time in June when all the kids are burned out and very little learning actually happens. But that’s just a parent’s perspective, I’m sure you have far more insight into these things than me.

Ok, getting off my soapbox now.

I’ve seen people in our district take long vacations recently, so I suspect our district is similar to yours in kind of ignoring things.


I’m only shocked you haven’t been doing this already.


Sounds like normal level of crazy here.


It is a fabulous event. I want to do it again. You can never have too many degrees.


Well we are going next month and hopefully planning a trip in September to celebrate my 50th bday but also April 2023.


I have four trips in my notebook right now. May 2022 family + moms, Oct 2022 DL couple only, Dec 2022 WDW couple only, March 2023 family + brothers, sisters and their families.
If I don’t have multiple trips on the books I begin to twitch.


I’ve got loose plans for the next 2 WDW trips in my head right now (hopefully twice in 2023) and we just got back from an 11 day trip last month. I am also about to book our first trip to Universal - just waiting for next year’s school calendar to come out so we can take advantage of a PD day. I need to pick dates for DLR in 2024 and we also have 10 nights on the Cape and 3 in NYC this summer. Someone told me that I should always be planning my next vacation to avoid burnout and I took that advice very seriously. It turned out to be true. It’s not a problem. It’s a solution.


Ooh! Maybe we can meet up!

We have trips (not necessarily Disney) planned for June, December, May 2023, and probably January 2025.


I am currently on a 5 month plan. I just finished February, July is next, long weekend in December and I think I will have points I need to use- April or May. I think I will also book a 5 night cruise to Bermuda, August 2023.


That’s on my bucket list. Stupid Covid.


Highly recommend Sangria U!

Also doesn’t everyone have multiple Disney trips on the books? :innocent: