I have 2 full days at WDW, what to do?

I need some serious advice: I have 2 full days ay WDW (with hopper passes) with my wife and kids (11 and 13years old). Should we split the day in 2 and go to all 4 parks or just do 2 parks well. If just 2 parks, which 2? Thanks!

I would definitely take one of the days and devote it to MK. The second day really depends upon your interests - I would probably go to AK and spend the majority of the day there, and the hop to a park with later evening hours, preferably EP. If you hit AK at RD, then you could probably save your FPP reservations for the park that you hop to.


Out of curiosity, what are your actual dates at the park? Will you have two full days there? And are you staying on site so that you can take advantage of EMH?

Have you ever been before? Will you be going back, or is this a one time thing?

For me, with many trips in the past and more to follow, given 2 days, I would RD at MK or DHS and late afternoon hop to EP for dinner at WS an PM touring. Second day would be RD at AK, and again hop to EP for the PM. I would make FPPs for MK or DHS first day and EP second day.

If you have never been before and are likely to go back, I would sample all 4 parks; MK/DHS 1st day, AK/EP second day, with FPPs at the second park each day. This way you will have the “flavor” of each park and will be able to better plan your next trip.

If this is a “once in a lifetime” trip, I would go with @brklinck’s plan.


Good questions. We have 2 FULL days (i.e. we are arriving this Monday evening and are leaving Thursday morning) and are staying at the Port Orleans Riverside. Thanks

We were there about 7 years ago and we plan to try to return (for a much longer stay) before the kids leave for college. I understood all your abbreviations except “RD”. It’s probably simple and I’ll feel like an idiot but what does RD mean?

RD is rope drop ( when the park open). I agree with a total of one full day at MK. I would start day 1 MK, then hop to EP ( eating there and using FPs). I would then start at AK day two ( no fast passes needed) and then finish at MK ( using FPs).

OK, if I understand you correctly, you are arriving tonight. Looking at the Crowd Calendar Disney Crowd Calendar, I would do AK tomorrow as it is a “2”, and hop to EP in the late afternoon. Wednesday I would do MK all day, as it is a “2”. This way you are hitting the lowest crowds each day, and you are seeing 3 of the 4 parks.

Isn’t Wednesday a 2 with EMH, giving extra time with low wait?

Oh, I see, do you think the crowds in the morning at MK will be that much higher? I guess I think every family should start their trip off with the pixie dust of the Magic Kingdom :smile:

No, sorry for the confusion. I am arriving Monday Jan. 26 (in 7 days).

But we don’t get to the hotel until 3-4pm Monday, so I figured we’d just hangout at the resort Monday night. That would leave us Tuesday and Wednesday (Jan. 27&28) to go to the parks.

@brklinck, will you double check? I think my plan works as long as AK is RD?

OK, now that I know the exact days the plan changes. :smile: Go to MK on Tuesday (CL 2) and stay all day. Go to AK on Wednesday (CL 3, EMH starting at 8:00), and then hop in the afternoon to EP - make your FPP reservations for attractions at EP. You can still get a 7:45 ADR at La Hacienda - request a table with a good view of the Lagoon and you can watch Illuminations from there.

You’re a hero! Thanks

On the 26th (which is my sons 15th birthday) EPCOT is open until 9. You can be in the front gate by 5 and have a good 4 hours. Maybe, just maybe you can still make FPP for either Test Track or Soarin.