I got it! Boardwalk DVC

I’m happy to report that we were able to get our DVC rental for December 2020! We have a 1 bedroom Boardwalk Villa reserved in our name. We rented through a private DVC member recommended by someone on these forums.

We are very excited. Our MDE now shows our reservation. One step closer!

I’m now currently on hold with Disney so that I can modify our Contemporary reservation. I had reserved 3 nights, but now need to just modify it to a single night. It won’t let me do it on-line, so I have to do it over the phone. They say I’ll be on hold for over an hour.

Anyhow, just celebrating with y’all! :slight_smile:


Congrats! That’s exciting!

Congrats! I love BWV.

That’s awesome!!! DH and I are staying there for the first time next month in a 1 bedroom also. Can’t wait!

Congrats! I am glad it worked out for you!

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I highly recommend the community hall if you have down time or a rainy day. It was a great way for my daughter to decompress. Also love the random streetmosphere there!


Without dates, your rental starts in December?

Yep. Dec. 1 through Dec. 8. We’ll stay in the Contemporary for one night, Dec. 8 to the 9th. :slight_smile:


Lol, thanks- I just had to ask :wink:

My wife and I wanted to be able to experience the Christmas Decor without going at Christmastime!

In the meantime, been on hold for 1 hr 40 minutes so far just to be able to remove 2 nights from our Contemporary reservation. :confused: You’d think you could just modify this online, since I’m not moving to a completely different date or adding days.

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I loved the gingerbread display in the BW lobby. Overall, the EP resorts are my favorite at Christmas. I don’t know why I love the train display so much at the YC- I just do.


Well, after two hours, I got through. Contemporary reservation is updated. Now…the long wait until December! :wink:


There is just something fascinating about model trains. I can get lost staring at the details. I will look forward to touring the displays at the resorts!


Good to know…I wasn’t actually aware of the community hall there.

Standard view? Let us know what room you stay in and if you liked the location.

We currently have a studio booked one night (boardwalk view) and a 1 bedroom booked for three nights (garden view). I just booked this trip in November so I’ve been piecing together what I can get.

I’ll for sure let you know where we end up! I gotta do some studying to figure out where to make my room request.

That is so great – your dream coming true!

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We will be at POFQ at the end of your stay.

I might be your neighbor that week! I have a request in for a studio villa that same week. I’m hoping to hear back soon.

I am so happy for you! Your countdown is officially official!

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I’ll have to be on the lookout for a giant Pink “I” (image ) around the parks.

And, apparently, a cartoon girl wearing Minnie Mouse Ears (image ). :wink: