I forget....How far out do the crowd calendars go?

I am currently not a subscriber as we don’t go often enough to need that. But when we do, I subscribe for a year.
Could someone remind me (as a subscriber) how far out does the crowd calendar predict?
I know that that calendars get updated often as dates get closer, but I am trying to see when to start looking as a subscriber.

365 days in advance. However, it’s more about how often do they update the TP calendar. TP is typically using the previous year and historical data to predict the CLs.

They’ll actually update with better figures about 30 - 60 days in advance. You could look at June 2020 right now and see Cl of 6 - 7, but those numbers are just guidelines. You won’t see a “solid” CL prediction until at least April 2020

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Awesome. Thanks.

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