I don't want the 11:00 parade

How do I force the touring plan to only accept the 9:00 parade?

You could try bringing the plan end time forward to 10pm. I’m assuming you mean in the evening.

I’ve tried modifying the end time and it still gives me the 11:00pm parade time. And my plan has 155 minutes of free time, so it should be able to move things around and give me the 9:00pm parade.

After you optimize you can also drag the items to the times you prefer and hit evaluate. That forces the TP to keep the options you’ve selected and just update the wait times for the order you’ve picked.

In this case, I’d just leave the parade off your plan and schedule a break starting whenever you plan to look for a viewing spot for the parade and ending whenever the parade is likely to pass by your viewing area.

I’m not crazy about how personalized plans handle parades and fireworks anyway, so breaks are usually a better solution. The Optimizer doesn’t really know where are going to be (I don’t know what it actually uses as your location) for these events and often doesn’t leave enough time to reserve a good viewing spot, so I just block out the time with a break. You can still title the “break” with the name of the parade, so when you look at your plan you’ll remember where you wanted to be.

This is especially true if you plan to watch the parade from Frontierland.
TP always defaults to Main St. to have you watching the parade.
Therefore, the walk times before/after the parade are slightly skewed.

Since one cannot specify a location for a “break” time, I often put a “meal” at the parade time, and choose a restaurant near the location I plan to watch the parade from, for the duration I plan to be there.

Problem solved.

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