I done booked me a WDW Trip!

Thank you All for the amazing comments, suggestions, posts, laughs and discussions. After going back and forth between Contemporary and Grand Floridian, GF won out. I just like the feel of the grounds and GF, from pictures and video, and it felt more like being on vacation. So now I have 377 days to fret about everything else.
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.


Plenty of time!!!

I agree; I would choose the GF over the CR any day. The CR reminds me too much of the string of Omnis, Sheridans, Hyatts, Marriotts, etc that I stay at for work conferences. An A-frame room with a park view might be cool - but not for those prices… And I spend less time at MK than anywhere, so the convenience of the walk is mostly lost in me.

See you there then…we are staying at the GF in 374 days :smile:

Awesome!! I will look forward to seeing you there.

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Good for you - think you will be very happy

I will be wearing my ‘liners’ badge (pin)! Say hello :grinning:

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