I deleted two tickets!?

So, I messed up big-time. Yesterday, I was trying to update my “Friends and Family” list, to set up a memory maker share group. I accidentally deleted one of the people that I manage… my mom, in this case. She’s not travelling with us on this trip, so I didn’t think much about it. BUT! I had put two 3-day tickets under her name, to store away for another trip. Those tickets are gone. ACK!!! I didn’t get a warning about it or anything.
What do I do?! I haven’t called the help-desk yet. Hopefully I can carve out some time this afternoon to do it. Will they be able to restore those tickets? I purchased them back in 2016, so they’re non-expiring, any 3 day, adult tickets.

Do you have the number ? Did you try to re-link it?

No - I had a physical card at one time. I’m hoping I can still find it, but no luck so far. If I can’t find it, am I out of luck?

I would try calling ASAP!

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Update… I called and the CM was very friendly but NOT helpful. She couldn’t even see any history - like, she couldn’t tell me that I’d ever had anyone else under my family account.
So, I’m out of luck unless I can find those hard-tickets.

From my very old notes:

Liner Daily Tip #68: Having problems with MDE, MB, and/or FPP? Call WDW IT at 407-939-7765 or 407-939-4357

@brklinck used to post these tips all the time!

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This is of no help to you now, but when we bought our tickets from Undercover Tourist, they recommended taking a photo of the hard tickets in case anything happens. I guess you just experienced such a case. I obeyed, and have a backup photo of all our tickets, though.

I hope you find them. :confused:

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Yeah, I was reminded of that when I called. I DO think I have pictures, now that I’m at work and can’t just go find them.

Tonight will be a frantic search for pictures and tickets!

You didn’t talk to Disney IT?

Yea make sure you call IT, not just the main line. They might be more helpful.

I did called the IT line. If I can’t find anything, I might try to call back tomorrow. Hopefully get someone that’s more helpful…

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Does your mom have her own account? Maybe the tickets are still attached to her on her account and that’s why you can’t see them at all?

Unfortunately, no. She was completely managed under my account. I’m just kicking myself for doing this. Argh!

Long shot but have you tried logging on through the app to see if they still show? Perhaps MDEs glitchy habits might come through for you. I know in the past when I have cancelled something in one platform it lingers on the other. Maybe you’ll get lucky and see the ticket numbers before the app refreshes your profile.

Do you have an email confirmation of the purchase ? Are there numbers there?


I would keep trying to call IT. You may be able to get someone that will be able to help you.

Just last week I was in WDW. My first day there I realized I couldn’t make FP reservations from the App. Turns out my account was corrupted. One CM I talked to deactivated all the old MB I had on my account and said that would work, it didn’t. The next one said I needed to create a new email and create a new MDE, did not want all my Disney communication going to an email that I didn’t monitor. She opened a ticket for me and said to wait 48hrs, didn’t work. Finally the 3rd CM I talked to said that keeping my email the same could be done and suggested I go to Guest Relations and they could help me thru it, they did. All tolled it was about 5 hours of on the phone and guest relations, but they were eventually able to fix it.

Eeek. that sounds stressful. And WAY too much time trying to get help!!

Good news, though! I found my tickets. They were NOT where I thought I’d put 'em. I tried to scan the QR code, but it says they’re already linked. So, I expect IT can help me get it straight, now, eventually.