I could use suggestions when using the "TouringPlans room finder tool"

I could use suggestions when using the “TouringPlans room finder tool”.

I believe that when I have used the “TouringPlans room finder tool”, they send a request using my room request between such and such rooms.

So if I would like to have a Disney Pop Century Room in Building #10, Room #0303, that the fax would suggest requests between rooms 0301 to 0306 or something like that.

The problem that I have is that I stay in a Disney Pop Century Resort Standard Roll-in Shower room.

Those types of handicap rooms are not located next to each other. They are located vertically instead of horizontally.

I think that it might be confusing for the room allocator to see a room request plus rooms next to each other.

I am pretty sure the TouringPlans room finder tool is not designed for handicap rooms because of this.

I will also be doing a split stay at BWV using the same type “studio” room. I believe that there are only three of those rooms available at BWV based on Standard Roll-in Shower “studio” room.

Should I not use the TouringPlans room finder tool? I can’t remember if I have an option to add other information.

I don’t believe there is any space to add info on the official Disney reservation request other what is listed. I did request Building #10.

Rooms #0103, #0203, and #0303 are all standard roll-in shower rooms and facing the foosball area. I like that view.

What do you think I should do for my December trip for Pop and BWV?

Have I made any mistakes in my comments about the Disney reservation request or TouringPlans fax room request?

You can edit the typed comment from Touring Plans to reflect your own needs. For example, you can change requested room numbers to match the type of room you need. You can also add a written comment mentioning that the roll-in shower is required and that you are only requesting a particular building.


Thank you, paulasc.

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As @paulasc said, you can adjust the wording to be anything you like.

I suggest you explain you need a room with a roll-in shower, and would prefer building 10.

Personally, I wouldn’t add the room numbers, just in case the room description is wrong. Just leave the room assigner to sort it out.


I was able to make changes to the fax title and comments. I didn’t realize that I could do that.

I already have the standard roll-in shower room as a specific reservation. Like someone would purchase a pool view or another view. So I don’t have to worry about that.

I was just trying to let the room assigner know my request which are vertical and not horizontal.

There aren’t that many roll-in shower rooms and even less standard roll-in shower rooms.

I was able to request the same room number on each floor since that is how the roll-in shower rooms are built.

If you ever see a room at Pop Century without an alcove doorway, then that is usually some kind of handicap room. Not all are roll-in shower rooms. This means the doorway is flat with the front windows and allows more room inside.

Thank you again everyone.

Sincerely, Ray

If you are not disabled, do not get an ADA room for a wheelchair. The door closes super slow! My husband lost a battle with one at the Poly. I love that I can find that info in the room description.

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“If you are not disabled, do not get an ADA room for a wheelchair. The door closes super slow! My husband lost a battle with one at the Poly. I love that I can find that info in the room description.”

Hi, Thumper14.

I presume that this is advice in your reply.

I do use my own wheelchair, and I do need the roll-in shower room. I prefer not to give out personal reasons why I need a handicap room on an open forum.

I’m sorry that your husband lost the battle at the Poly. I hope that they fix that door. The entrance doors at the Disney Pop Century handicap roll-in shower room open and closed like a regular entrance door for me. I just use one straight arm against the door and the forward movement of the wheelchair to push the door open.

And I love touring plans, too.

Best Wishes to you.

It was actually quite funny for me. I finally had us moved to a new room. The next am walking by a younger family with the same door issue, I whispered to the mom “been there, done that”. That evening we saw them at Ohanas and she told me they had to change rooms too.