I can't get access to my 2nd reservation

Maybe someone else has had the same problem.
I booked 2 rooms through SmallWorldVacations. I have the conformation numbers. But I do not see the second reservation on MDE. I phoned WDW and they said everything is good. But it is not good.
I paid for the second room I should be able to manage everyone in that room but I can’t. I can not order their magic bands, I can not make ADRs for that room, and I assume that I wont be able to order FP+ for them. They are on our ‘friends&family’ list so I did include them in some of our ADRs but unable to make separate ADR for them. I phoned WDW again and they said that someone in that room will have to make a MDE account to perform the above concerns. This will not work for me. I paid for the room, and I am trying to make this trip a surprise for the family in the other room. WDW did not have a solution for me.
Hopefully the liners will have a solution or suggestion.

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Can they add someone from your room onto the other reservation and then use their account (or make a new one to manage)?
For an upcoming trip we have two studios - only my dad is staying in the second room and my family in the first, but on the reservation we moved my husband to the second room so that we can manage all of the reservations.

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The easiest to solve is FPs. As they are linked to you, you will be able to book FPs for them with yours. Someone from your room will need to be in the same FP party, and you may not be able to modify the FPs.

For ADRs, there is a work around which allows you to book two ADRs at the same time. Someone will be able to post a link to the recent thread, but if I remember correctly, when you go to book an ADR and get the warning about overlapping times, you can right click and it will open in a different window and allow you to continue.

However I think you should phone the IT department and ask for help. You can call them direct on (407) 939-4357. The regular CMs simply won’t have the ability to do anything to make the reservation appear!

Fingers crossed IT can help.

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