I cannot help but look

Saw this on my yahoo feed and had to look. Not finished, but out dear @len is number 5.


And again on number 9!!

I cannot seem to get the link to work. Do you know the title of the post?

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Yahoo kept forwarding to a generic news page for me.

I Googled a bit on the “36 Disney World Hacks That” text in the link and found this - must be it:


Thanks! That must be it!

Some of those hacks were actually… decent.

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They were, weren’t they?

Usually those sorts of articles have ridiculously basic things - those weren’t advanced by any means, but were steps in the right direction for novices.

Sorry. I will make it a havit to check any links i post in the future. It was not bad. And i was happy to swe len and touring plans in it.

I never check mine! I could see where it was supposed to go but it had a mind it it’s own!

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I think your original link was fine - Yahoo and MSN like to change things a lot.

The water one was a great tip. And the eat when other people ride and vice-versa is really another good one.

Woo! Thanks for the link.

You are welcome.