I am booked for a standard 2 queen bed at WL, is there a specific room I should request?

Thanks all for the replies to my last question…this forum is amazing!!

I’m staying at Wilderness Lodge in a standard 2 queen room. Is there anything specific I shold request that you think would make my stay better (close to lobby, second floor, renovated room, etc. etc.). I’ve never been to WL so I really have no idea if I should make any specific requests or if I should just take what I get.

Thanks so much!

I’d review the Touring Plans suggestions under “Best Rooms” (I had to search on Best - the link at the top of the page wasn’t working - it’s the 4th “best”):

There are a lot of “avoid - noisy” suggestions there that would seem important and a few recommendations depending on what you’re looking for in a room.

We stayed in room 6054 (standard 2 queens), and it was perfect. I had requested a room “on an upper floor facing the Magic Kingdom” or something to that effect. I posted a picture of the view in the post linked below.

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