I am a massive idiot — a warning

Because I’m, you know, a bit of a mental, I hate uncertainty. Seeing the writing on the wall, I cancelled my June trip with Disney and that all went very smoothly.

That just left the flight. Virgin Atlantic recently wrote to me saying they had a new scheme whereby you could convert your ticket to an open ticket and book a new flight at some point between now and May 2022.

Perfect, I thought. So I signed up.

That was a big mistake. Huge.

First, my understanding is that had I waited until they cancelled the flight I would have been legally entitled to a full refund. I feel scammed.

Second, my original booking was in Economy (I know, right?) which I then upgraded to Premium Economy. The open ticket makes no mention of the upgrade. I feel scammed twice.

So now I hate Virgin Atlantic and I feel like a massive idiot.

Don’t be like me.


Ugh you are not a massive idiot. I can only relate. Been making my moves to cancel/change plans too quick and then some new “upgraded decision” comes out and I no longer apply to the new positive upgrade! ::sigh::


But will the open ticket protect you against any potential price increase? So you’ll have a pick of days/times without having to hunt for the cheapest?

Did you pay for the Premium Economy upgrade? If so, I’d find the documentation and ask them about fixing it!

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I feel your pain.

My wife and I had a trip planned to visit friends in Milan, Italy (of all places!) over Easter. We had “non-refundable” roundtrip business class seats on BA (cost over $5K). In February, I was pretty sure the trip was not going to happen as northern Italy was locked down for COVID19. However, the flights were still technically scheduled so they would not provide a refund, only a rebooking within six months.

I keep waiting and waiting to see who would blink first. Finally, I got a notification from the airline that the flights were cancelled. At that point after a number of calls and long waits on hold with AMEX Travel we finally got our money back, but it was quite a long process. :unamused:

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I did the same for a flight with a BA flight down to London. I have a year to use the voucher, but I wish I’d just waited and let them cancel it.

Yea I took credit for my flight. It was a non refundable ticket, but I guess if it was cancelled we could of had a refund instead. In the moment I was happy to get Anything back! Now ticket prices are more then my refund, and I’m not sure it’s even happening. So I won’t buy new tickets until we know for sure.

You ought to see what I did to my 401k :astonished:


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Sorry for my English, since I use a translator; I have booked with virgin atlantic for August 2, seeing your case, and assuming that the situation does not vary from the current one, in mid-June or early July, would it be when virgin would contact me to offer me the same thing as you? thanks for your time

I had a nonstop RT flight to Paris booked for 4 people in June on United. Happened to look at the app recently and noticed that we were now on connecting flights both ways. Basically United cancelled our scheduled flights and put us on a different itinerary without contacting me at all. I called to ask for a refund since the flights we booked were cancelled. They refused, saying it was a “schedule change”. I filed a complaint with DOT. Still hoping for that refund, but I think it will be a process of patiently waiting for things to transpire. Frustrating!