I-4 traffic July 4th?

Hi everyone! Heading (driving) to the world on July 4th and we are so excited! 4 generations on the trip starting with my 80 year old mom, on down to my 10 year old grandson. When we visited for Thanksgiving traffic was the worst I had ever seen it in 40 years! Do any of you have ideas about what it might be like on July 4th? I am thinking of taking the back way in on Hwy 429. What do you guys think?

I avoid I-4 on a normal day. Holiday could go either way but I would avoid just to be safe

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Ask Google (maps). Google knows everything!

Waze is a handy traffic app too. They’ve added new vocals to the directions, including Toy Story 4 characters… feels like that should absolutely be done while driving to Disney World.

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Waze is owned by Google. So, you know. Google still knows everything! :wink:

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Thanks everyone! I’ll try to remember to check back in after the trip and let you know how it went. Might be helpful for future reference.

I second Waze!! And I-4 is nuts. We just came back from our first trip a few weeks ago. There are so many construction lane changes near Orlando I felt like I was playing Mario Cart.