Hyatt Regency Maui Advice?

NDR Does anyone have experience staying at the Hyatt Regency Maui? I’d done some research for a trip next year I was planning to pitch to my wife as a 25th anniversary splurge trip. (She is not a happy flier so fingers crossed.)

Today when checking availability for practice I noticed a bunch of Chase points room availability opened up for this August and thinking I might push up my pitch meeting.

Anyway, I’m looking at splitting a week there between a Queen room and then a few days in their Deluxe Ocean Suite.

You can upgrade the Queen room to Regency Club access, but I’m on the fence whether Club access will be entirely worth it to us since kids have nut allergies and there seem to be a lot of baked goods etc served. Online descriptions of the club food are pretty limited, though.

Also, the Deluxe room is a premium Suite but I can’t find any info if that includes the club level or not.

Thought there might be a good chance someone here might have stayed there and has advice. :slight_smile:

I was there in October. We stayed in the presidential suite. The club was nice, and they had some interesting offerings in the evenings that I enjoyed. I felt there wasn’t quite enough for my picky kids and the two teenagers (niece and friend) compared to a Disney resort Club. They just aren’t into poke and hummus and the more diverse foods.

We ended up going to the expansive breakfast buffet each day which was also included in our reservation. It was well done. The location and amenities were fantastic and they had plenty of interesting things for the kids. You will not be able to lounge on the beach here. The shore has eroded. We rented a car and went to other beaches and enjoyed the experience of exploring vs staying parked in one location as one would at a Caribbean beach resort.

It is a beautiful resort. I’m getting a few free vacations out of it since I amassed a ton of Hyatt points off of the one stay. It is expensive to say the least. I wouldn’t hesitate to return if I go to Maui again.

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Thanks Doc! Very helpful. :slight_smile:

Was the breakfast buffet was included with your Presidential suite booking, or maybe you are a Hyatt Globalist? Still haven’t figured out if the Deluxe suite includes the Regency club etc, will probably reach out to the resort to ask.

I pulled in over a million Chase and Amex points this year, when I saw the Maui HR availability was pretty open in August, figured now is a good time to burn them points, just after the upcoming point chart change announcement was released.

Still in the process of selling the long long flights from NY to Maui to my wife.

It was included with the room type for 2 people. The breakfasts are also prorated for the age of the child. it was $6 for my 6 year old.

Check Hawaiian airlines. They usually have great deals on lie flat seats but only fly from select cities. We flew coach there and got lie flat seats on United for the overnight return.

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Nice, thanks!

I’ve just earned the SW Companion Pass and have a boatload of points to use with them, but I was just happened to be looking into possibly using other points to get some good business lie flat for the way home and soften that blow a little.