Husband's convention at Grand Floridian

My husband just found out he has a work conference at GF in June. We are going to try and tag on a family trip. Is there anything I need to know or think about that is different from a normal trip? I just discovered we can get convention tickets and I think save about $500. Are there any other perks? He’s not one to poke around and find stuff or even read the whole email so if I can tell him “look for x” it would helpful. We’ll add a few days onto the trip, but probably stay at another resort.


Your convention tickets will include a water park or mini golf ticket. I’ve never used them but could be fun to add to the plans.

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:smile: I can totally relate!

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Can he forward the email to you? That’s my DH does.

There will definitely e a discounted rate on the GF rooms!

Sometimes with firewalls its hard, but hopefully he will see it and forward it fingers crossed

Good to know I was hoping for this and have seen it at many of my conferences, but my husband said “I can guarantee you there won’t be”

I could be wrong, but I think he will be :joy: It’s just a block rate negotaited between the hotel and the even planner!

I’m so glad you guys told me what to know because the email my husband finally got didn’t have anything about the tickets or the rooms available, but I told him to email back and ask about it and then they sent him the info.


Glad you were able to get the information :joy:

Is there any secret to linking convention hotel reservations to MDE? I’m trying to figure out if I’m doing it wrong or if the confirmation number they gave me is one for the conference and won’t work for MDE. I tried “linking reservations” and it’s telling me it can’t find them.

I know with the con tickets, you need to link via the website, not the app. Not sure about the hotel.

Also, I’m really glad you told me to ask for adding rooms - we just found out they are offering the rooms at half the listed rate. insanity!

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My husband emailed about getting a Disney reservation number (the number they gave us was for the conference) and they told him they won’t be giving us those until end of MAY for a middle of June trip. They are insisting we can still make dining reservations. Is there a secret I don’t know? My understanding is I basically would have to make dining reservations for each individual day 60 days out then? :sob: With time zones this means getting up at 4am for me.

Do you have a confirmation email for your reservation? If so, I’d call the conference line and ask them to sync your reservation so you can make dining reservations.


Thanks for the idea - we have a conformation number through the conference - not for Disney. He’s going to call and see if they can do anything - he’ll start with the conference people and if that doesn’t work he’ll call the hotel.
The only reservation I really want is breakfast at Ohana. Any idea how hard that is to get at 60 days exactly? Just looking at what’s available now, its pretty hard.

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If you are the one planning and coordinating, I don’t think your husband has to be the one to call Disney as an FYI. I’m pretty sure you can call and give them the info, as an FYI.

I don’t know how hard Ohana is to get 60 days out - but I will say that I snagged a breakfast at Ohana for 6 people the day before (we were on the trip and wanted a departure breakfast), so I’d say anything is possible!