Husband's 40th birthday - Narcoossee's or Yachtsman?

Trying to decide between Narcooseee’s or Yachtsman to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday. Help!

We did Yachtsman, though in the event my husband was ill and didn’t actually go to the meal. It was really good, DS has asked to go again this year. I haven’t been to Narcoossee though (and don’t know how to spell it :joy:).

What are your plans before/after dinner?


I thought the food at Yachtsman’s was good — above average for dinner — but I wasn’t blown away by it. I haven’t felt the need to include it in my next trip.

It’s expensive. I had a $50 steak and for that you literally get a lump of steak and some mashed potato.

I’m going to Narcoossee’s for the first time in July. I hear good things about it. But I’m also drawn to the views and the opportunity to watch HEA and the EWP from outside the restaurant.


Thanks!! We are at HS that day and thinking of going back for Fantasmic after but kind of leaving it open too. I was leaning towards Narcoossee’s because we can walk their from our resort (Poly) rather than have to try to get a bus or uber.


That would make it additionally attractive to me. Getting from the Poly to YC is a more complicated business.

Okay we did both last May.

Narcoossee was amazing for the view.

Yachtsman was a better steak, BUT, I’m a big lover of peppercorn sauce and they brought me a side of it at Yachtsman.

And I cannot eat any fish, shellfish or mushrooms, so I know I missed some marque items at Narcoossee.

They kept bringing us champagne at Narcoossee’s and I honestly don’t remember HOW we got back to the Boardwalk. (Lyft?! :joy:) My DH said I managed to keep my fancy heels on the whole trip back. So I don’t remember dessert there. LOL.

Both were excellent meals, but we like the Yachtsman.

However the service and magic at Narcoossee’s was top notch. (Granted we went to Yachtsman on Mother’s Day and lots were celebrating) Narcoossee’s was our anniversary dinner last year, so it was a bit more special.

But if you want something really special? Victoria & Albert’s. I’m so excited to go back next month! It’s not cheap, but it’s worth every penny, IMO.

Have fun planning!!

Also: we always dressed to the nines for signature restaurants. It was funny because we kept getting directed to V&A. Not sure if that meant we got more magic or not, but my DH likes to think so. (I think it’s how he came to terms with wearing a suit in florida in May. :joy::joy::joy:)


Sounds like quite a night! :joy:

Thanks for all of the info. Now I have to check out Victoria & Alberts!!!

V&A is in a whole different class - it’s amazing, but dinner for 2 with tax, tip, etc. will run in the $500 range…

As for your other two, Yachtsman is one of only 2 Disney signatures that I haven’t been to yet (Tiffins is the other). I’ve been to Narcoossee’s, and I have to say that as for GF restaurants, I like Citrico’s better (although Narc has a great view). Of course I’d take CG to any of them…


How inconsiderate of them.:joy:. @longwalk we need 'in these shoes, I don’t think so!':wink:


For m’lady…So let it be written, so let it be done…


…but you forgot the champagne. :wink: @JuliaMc…did you drink it all? :confused:

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Wife and I have done both multiple times, but I give the edge to Narcoossee’s because of the setting and atmosphere.

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Mine was $600. For one!


Your Henry VIII period :wink:.


@profmatt …on the Deluxe DP you can be Marie Antoinette! :joy:

You did do some pricey add-ons… :slight_smile:



Quite possibly!!!

Here’s the shoes I was stumbling around in, and they made it home without losing a single stone!

Notice the hidden Mickey on the soles?! :joy:


When your ‘children’ reach an age when you can be a slightly less responsible adult, it is quite a relief. Nice to relax and have a drink with the young adults…even if they haven’t found out how to remove their wallets from their pockets yet. :joy: