Hurry Up & Slow Down - Dueling TPs

Here’s something I haven’t seen addressed that might be helpful to discuss here. I’m thinking it makes sense to create 2 different touring plans for one day.

  1. The first plan begins at RD and ends at lunch time - as though that’s all the time available for that park. It’s packed with all the major attractions that have long lines, includes all FPP, and is set to “minimize waiting” and “fast walking speed.”
  2. The second plan takes in all the others that didn’t fit or don’t get long lines throughout the day. It’s set to “extremely relaxed.”

The thinking here is that my party will be ready to hit RD and go hard for the first few hours with the promise of a relaxing day after lunch.

What do you think?

Interesting idea - however, I’m thinking that overall it will not give you the best TP, because it may make more sense to do some of the things that you have planned for the morning in the afternoon and vice versa.

What I would do would be to make 1 TP and set it to a slower pace. Start touring at a fast pace, and re-optimize at lunch time, or if you find that you are getting ahead during the morning you can re-optimize then as well. In the afternoon kick back and tour at the recommended pase.

I’ve done something similar with building one optimized TP - then add a big break midday with that schedule - then re optimize and/or evaluate.

I have found myself wishing I could change the speed after the RD rush too, I didn’t even think to create 2 plans! Wish I didn’t just print and laminate, or I’d do it! :wink:

I’d make one TP. And, if you find yourself slowing down or going off plan, no worries. Just reoptimize.