Hurricane Matthew

We are currently in a fourth floor corner condo in the Four Corners area and not sure if we should move to a hotel on a lower floor with more walls between us with the high winds coming Thursday night or just stay put. Any locals with advice would greatly be appreciated ASAP. We already have plenty of food, water, flashlights, etc. and a full tank of gas if we need to leave for any reason. Thanks.


I’m sorry I don’t have an answer! But stay safe!!

I don’t know where for corners is, but if it’s in Orlando, I don’t think there will be high enough winds to damage windows. Pensacola Beach took a direct hit from Ivan with 130 MPH winds and the windows held. Based on 18 years living in Pensacola, I would not relocate.

Four Corners is west Kissimmee on 192, near Animal Kingdom. At this point we are staying put. Thanks for the advice.

Parks are closing today at 5 PM, not opening at all tomorrow. We had planned to fly down Saturday. Can anyone local to Orlando (who lived through Charley) tell me what things are likely to be like outside the Disney Bubble on Saturday, assuming our vacation doesn’t get scotched altogether by flight cancellations?

I read this report of the what it was like in Disney World during and shortly after Charley: and I’m getting nervous.