Hurricane Isaias

We are supposed to be driving down from Atlanta on Sunday with our first park day on Monday. It’s looking like that’s the exact timing for Isaias to be hovering around the NE coast of FL.

For anyone who’s been to WDW during a hurricane/storm what do you think the chances of MK being enjoyable on Monday are? We don’t mind rain but lightning will obviously close down a lot.

We can push a day or two and drive down Monday or Tuesday instead but my daughter’s 4th birthday is Wednesday so we’re doing this last minute trip after we had to cancel our April trip.

What would you do?


Wow! That’s a dilemma. IMHO - the issue is that you have a 4 year old w/ you. There’s plenty to do for bigger kids / adults that’s indoors. (most stuff at WDW was built in a show buildings b/c of rain / hurricane)

But a good number of rides that are deigned for kids / families are outside & now you can’t just go do meet a character while it’s raining. Plus, a number of TS / QS places are closed so there’s fewer options to go to get out of the weather.

If it were me & I could reschedule my Park Pass by a couple days I’d do it.


I would watch the weather reports like a hawk tomorrow. If the storm is still following its current track, you should be fine:


Isaias will be off the coast of Florida around the time you are rolling into town. But this is only forecast to be a category 1/2 hurricane so the impact inland will be minimal. I wouldn’t expect Disney to close the parks if this continues to be the case, and you may just find an even less crowded resort than we’ve seen since the parks reopened. Some rides may be closed Sunday afternoon and maybe Monday morning if there’s lightning, but the timing here looks like it will be more in the Georgia area by the time the parks open Monday. Plus the storm might sweep away the moisture further from the eye, leading to less rain in Orlando.

All that said, if the track turns inland and/or strengthens, or if Disney announces a closure, you may want to schedule your arrival for Monday or Tuesday to avoid being in the way of emergency responders or potentially putting yourself in danger.


We are here now and planned to make Sunday a pool day so now it will just be a rainy day. I switched to Epcot for Monday in case it is still rainy Monday AM.


I’ve been through dozens of hurricanes. Being on certain sides based on direction of travel can make it go from non stop winds and rain to nothing.

I think with the current path the "dirty side is the north east quadrant and by Monday afternoom you should be good to go

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Thanks everyone, so helpful to hear all these perspectives.

We will keep an eye on the forecast and go from there - seems like pushing by at least a day may be wisest unless this blows through really quickly this weekend.

Looks like the course is still putting it offshore, and it’s weakening a little. I saw that the chance of rain in WDW Monday is only 40% and only scattered thunderstorms, which is actually less than later in the week. The storm seems to have slowed a tad, so it will be off Florida later Sunday and into Monday, but not directly over Orlando.

If I were you, I’d drive down tomorrow, provided there is no instruction from authorities to keep your normal route clear.


Thank you! That’s what we are tentatively planning and then making a game day decision on Monday morning.

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The storm has slowed down but also weakened and is expected to stay a Tropical Storm. My brother lives in Palm Beach where they have been lashed by bands all night, but he says it isn’t bad at all. I imagine Orlando will barely feel this thing beyond rain.

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Oh that’s good insight, thank you! We’re driving past Valdosta now and hope to be able to have a normal park day tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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We are in S. Brevard County and it’s been very mild all around. Wild temperature swings are noted. Rain brings cooler temps


I definitely won’t complain about cooler temps. We’ve been walking around our neighborhood wearing masks in the heat of the day just to get ready :sweat_smile:


Sitting on my balcony at WL- we had a little rain late morning but otherwise it’s been a beautiful day. A little cooler and breezy. Just checked Weather Channel again and looks like they took most of the rain out of the forecast.