Hunting for Vintage Mickey at WDW (unusual question!)

We’ll be at WDW next week. My 10-year old adores Vintage Mickey Mouse. Is there anywhere on property to buy Vintage Mickey comic books or DVDS or plush dolls or anything else related to vintage Disney? Thanks in advance!

How vintage is vintage in your view? (The 1928 Steamboat Willie/Plane Crazy style or the 1930s Pie Eye Mickey?)

There’s no specific store that features vintage stuff over regular stuff that I know of, but I have seen both Steamboat Willie merchandise and some Pie Eye merchandise within the past year, plus there’s some Oswald stuff out there if that’s your thing. The best bet is to hit the main stores. (Mouse Gear is my favorite because it is easiest to get around, but World of Disney and the Emporium also have good selections.) I’ll see if I notice anything when I’m out wandering around this weekend and let you know.

Thank you so much! She would love Steamboat Willie merchandise! We’ll try the stores that you mentioned first. I appreciate you sharing your tip.

We got an excellent crocheted Steamboat Mickey in one of the stores in DHS several years ago; wasn’t really looking on recent trips, so I don’t know if it’s still there. Fantagraphics publishing is embarking on a project to publish ALL of Floyd Gotfridson’s daily and color Sunday Mickey strips. So far there are 7 B&W volumes and 2 color ones (the “full” set will be somewhere around 40 volumes). The are EXCELLENT, with a lot of historical notes. Also, the small bookstore at Writer’s Stop has a number of Disney books not readily available in other locations - I would certainly check there.

Thank you!!

Was at Animal Kingdom today, and here are a few things I saw at Outfitters and Island Merchantile.