Huge park hour changes

I think Coronado is the only option on the table.

They won’t want the general public anywhere near them, so that rules out every deluxe because of DVC.

Coronado has a spa and fitness centre, lots of space, it’s self contained, it has the tower rooms, it’s easy to keep outsiders out.

And the contract is almost immaterial now. In that if they don’t finish the season they lose 25% of their salary. So which will they go for, full salary and “put up with” Coronado, or 75% of salary.


And it’s close to WWoS complex.

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This is forcing me to have to COMPLETELY rethink typical strategies for touring the parks. All the rules are changed.

For example, normally if you choose to do a day with EMH, you are fighting with all the other resort guests also wanting to do EMH.

But this time around, with limitations placed on capacity, it means that the number of people in the park on an EMH day will be the same as a non EMH day. So, in effect, EMH days become the BEST choice every single time. Of course, this suggests it will be the first days to go when people start making their reservations.

And more than likely the actual reason than anything else. The chances they’re moving people to other resorts is real slim.

Having any capacity of the hotels filled (read: stuck on property), but unable to enter the parks because locals and others already reserving to get in is going to be very very bad optics.

Better for Disney to cancel these reservations all together and work with the canceled customers to come to an agreeable outcome than have a PR nightmare of “I paid full money to go to Disney and I couldn’t even get in.”

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100% Agree.

The only reason I went down this line of thought, however, was that it isn’t unprecedented for Disney to do so. As my son experienced first hand a few months ago, as have others here on these forums. Of course, not to the same degree that things are happening now.

Still, it makes sense that the All Star Resorts have already “maxed out” the reduced capacity…but that two days ago, they weren’t trying to enforce reduced capacity.

I’m reading tea leaves here! :wink:

Did that footpath to the GF get finished before lockdown??

I’m not sure. Last I heard, it wasn’t done. But it seems possible they could finish it before re-opening to guests.

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You know…this also opens up another train of conjecture. Is Disney looking to keep resort capacity at 40% (or whatever number) TOTAL, across ALL properties? Or are they looking to keep EACH INDIVIDUAL resort below a certain capacity?

Yeah, but isolated events and mass movings are two different things. I got a free coffee once, does that mean everyone would get free coffee at the resorts now? Course not. :slight_smile:

And what the system allowed you to do before yesterday means nothing at this point. Things are in flux now and will be until deadlines are hit. As for speculating why the site was allowing it before, could be a number of things: there was a functionality freeze, they didn’t need/want people speculating on things based on the site’s activity, they forgot, who knows? It’s Disney’s IT… it’s worse than Forrest Gump’s Chocolate box.

ahem…I think those aren’t tea leaves…

No. And there was a lot of work to do yet. The path might be laid, but lighting certainly wasn’t, and you definitely don’t want guests walking around in pitch black dark when gators and snakes are afoot.

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I totally agree with you. Like I said…it is all just conjecturing. I mean, what else am I supposed to fill my time up with? Actual work?!?

Still…I find it odd that I can change my resort to certain resorts but not others, even though those resorts aren’t full. If they are only limiting this to guests who currently have reservations (which is the case at the moment), then what does it matter if I want to switch from Pop to PO? In fact, if they let me change, they would make more money. So they are limiting which resorts I can switch to for various reasons.

Which does make me wonder…is Pop Century and Art of Animation less in demand than the All Stars or PO, since Pop and AoA allows me to change my reservations.

I agree they may well keep some resorts shut. And the values and mods are the likely targets.

Take CSR out of the equation, so CBR opens. Plus CBR is next to Riviera which has to open, and the Skyliner reduces the need for buses .
POR vs POFQ. Depends on how many people they need to move from CSR who cannot fit in CBR. If they need extra rooms, they’ll close POFQ. Otherwise they’ll close POR.

POP and AoA have the Skyliner, but they may decide to close one. And closing one of the All Stars is a no brainier.

Having fewer people at each resort but all of them open on paper makes sense. But because they can’t do this at the deluxes because of DVC, why do it elsewhere?

Why not consolidate and have more housekeepers available at those resorts? Create teams of CMs for each area. Front desk, housekeeping.

Then if a front desk CM gets symptoms their team can self-isolate and another team comes in. Rather than have to work out who was on shift with them at any time in the last 7 days and end up with lots of CMs self-isolating.

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Have any of you seen this from Disney - on

Pending approval from government agencies, Magic Kingdom park and Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park will begin a phased reopening on July 11—with Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios reopening on July 15.

The parks will reopen with some important updates to promote physical distancing, including:

  • Park Reservations: Initially, park attendance will be managed through a new park reservation system. To enter a park, both a park reservation and valid admission for the same park on the same date is required.
  • New Ticket Sales: At this time, new ticket sales are temporarily paused. Existing ticket holders and Annual Passholders will be able to make reservation requests in phases before new tickets are sold. Additional details will be shared with these Guests soon. New ticket sales will resume after that period of time.
  • New Disney Resort Hotel Reservations: At this time, new reservations at Disney Resort hotels are temporarily paused so we can focus on Guests with existing reservations (Disney Vacation Club Members can still make new reservations). Reservations will resume after that period of time.

Makes it a bit clearer


Yeah. Those are good points.

I think I’m going to sit by my phone and wait for Disney to call me and offer me a free upgrade to Bay Lake Tower. It could happen. Right? :wink:

MY guess, these operating hours are driven by transportation and trying to limit the number of buses needed.

You have one park opening at 8 AM, then 9 AM, 10 AM and finally 11 AM.

At closing it’s 6 PM, then 7 PM, 8 PM and finally 9 PM.

You can shift the buses around to the time of most need. Buses are going to be the area where social distancing will be hardest to implement. This way WDW transport can send multiple buses to a resort in the morning going to one park currently opening. At 7 AM they can send 4 buses all dedicated to AK, instead of sending 4 buses being split between 4 parks.


Yes, that’s where my thoughts stem from.

They’ve also stopped all reservations - FPs, ADRs, everything.

To limit people making new plans, so they can deal with those who already have FPs, ADRs etc made first and allow them to book their parks first.

Multiply by at least 5, maybe 10.

@ryan1 and I were discussing that somewhere, maybe here (I’m losing track of threads). Makes sense to stagger opening times between parks.

I thought they would stagger the reservation times for each park, have some arriving at 9, some at 12 etc. This make S more sense, so everyone gets the same amount of time in the park, albeit depending on where you are in the queue for the bus.

Yes, until we can see hoe they are handling park reservation not much point commenting but it would make sense to register for an entry time

Yup, which is what lead me to that conclusion over “moving people”

Like i said…those aren’t tea leaves…

Honestly though, thinking on it, attempting to limit “social distancing” here seems like trying to hold back the ocean with a broom. I fear all these efforts for them to do it will be pointless and end up just making things more difficult than they need to be. 5 Buses to transport roughly 50-100 people is a giant waste of resources.

Masks it is then :crazy_face: