🦡 Hufflematt's UOR questions thread

For those who don’t know, I’m taking a mental health break to UOR next week and I may have some questions for the people more expert than I. In other words, @darkmite2.

I bought an AP online and the confirmation e-mail says that I have to pick it up at any of the front gate ticket windows during regular theme park operating hours.

I’m really hoping this is a lie. Can’t I get it done at my (onsite) hotel the night before? Otherwise, I’m basically losing EPA on my first day while I faff around getting my AP and everyone else floods into the park.


Not @darkmite2 or AP, but in 2022 I took my e-tickets for 5-day passes to desk at Cabana Bay and they gave me my plastic passes.

I’d gotten mine from Undercover Tourist.

What time do you arrive? Can you get to a gate before they close?

Or maybe they will let you use the e-ticker to get in and you can just ride, etc., and then faff later? Thats what we did for our Dollywood AP’s.


I know they have a ticketing desk inside the hotels and I’ve used it to replace a lost AP. So I’m vaguely hopeful they will simply issue my AP when I check in.

Well, it will be tight. My flight arrives at 5.25pm and the parks close at . . . oh, actually IOA closes at 8pm. My record for getting through MCO is 30 mins from wheels down to getting inside a cab.

I might even get some park time. That would be fun. If stressful because I can see the whole thing really coming down to the wire.

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I’m pretty sure that’s what we had to do. Tickets you can get at the hotel, but the APs I’m pretty sure we had to do at the front gate.

Tip, though…if you can, go to Citywalk on your day of arrival, even if it is late in the day, JUST to go get your AP so that it is ready to go the next morning, if possible.


We purchased Florida Resident APs online - so have to verify FL residency when pick up APs - & our confirm said the same thing. Decided to try at the Ticket desk at Cabana Bay & had our plastic AP cards in hand in 5 minutes :+1:


I guess it will all come down to timings. As soon as I arrive at CB I’ll go to the ticket desk and see if they will sort it. If not, I’ll take my bag to bell services (and check-in later) and go straight to IOA, if I can get there by 8pm.

Missing out on EPA on my first day isn’t a disaster as I do have an XP for that day anyway. I don’t believe in rope-dropping Hagrid, so that was never part of the plan.


And it sounds like CityWalk is a good Plan C.


I was also able to pick up my APs at the ticket desk at the resort.


I have always been able to pick up my annual pass at the hotel desk.


You can pick it up at the “Vacation Planning” desk in the lobby of the hotel. I’ve done it that way for myself and my daughter.

They’ll let you in right up to a few minutes before closing. However, security is already going to be pushing everyone to the exits at about 10 mins after close.

It, habitually, takes me 90 mins to land, get my bags, get an Uber to on-site hotel, check-in, get on bus to CityWalk & go through security and enter the park. (I could do it a bit faster. It would mean I dropped my bags at bag services - with no waits or didn’t bring any checked bags.)

You’ll have to get your AP, I’d add 20 more mins for that.

OH!! These Vacation Planning Desks close at 7pm - IME. So, I’d head there before even checking-in or dealing with bags!

I’d plan on being inside IOA by 7:30pm based on your 5:25pm arrival. Go do a Hagrid’s night ride!! If you can hustle all the way up there!

Maybe a JPRA night ride instead!! It’s really pretty at night & I hear the Hadrosaur is popping back up again! Doctor Doom & Spider-Man are close to the entry - just sayin’! I’m excited for you!

CityWalk is always a good time! Don’t sleep on Pat O’Brien’s!! The piano bar has great live entertainment and the best beignets & Hurricanes! (If you are interested!)

If you are going to the Vacation Planning Desk ask them for the free coupons for discounts on food & fun in CityWalk. There’s a really good one for the mini golf, a free appetizer at Bubba Gump and a few more!

It’s AP Appreciation days through summer. You can get a free pin at the Five & Dime in USF or the AP Lounge near Toon Lagoon. There maybe separate park entrances for AP at times. There’s also special menu items at various eateries around all of UOR


Its been awhile maybe 2017 or so but we were actually able to use the vacation/ticketing to get AP renewals over at Double Tree across the street.


I had to pick up my AP at the gate ticket booth when I was on the payment plan. If you paid in full, you should be able to go to the resort desk.


Gonna try it my next trip.


@hufflematt - BTW…It really made my day that you think so highly of my UOR advice! I have an obsessive/collector’s personality - so I’m constantly binging whatever “quality” content I find . I love UOR so much as it’s fun & I’ve made many memories there!


I need to remember this.
We’re doing both golf and Bubbas next trip…


If you are doing Bubba Gump, consider doing the Landry’s Club. You pay $25, but they give you a $25 credit to use at any Landry’s location - including Bubba Gump. Plus, they give you $25 to use during the month of your birthday. You can make that month any one you want - they don’t check. You can’t combine them, but you can combine the free app coupon and the Landry’s credit. Also, you have reward points to accumulate. Landry’s owns many chain eateries around the US

There are many Landry’s locations around Universal & Disney!

You probably already know all this!! :rofl:


I’ve looked into this before and it seemed more trouble than it was worth, but I’ll maybe have a look again…

IIRC many years ago I had asked if Brits were eligible for it and nobody knew.

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There are more regional options that make it worth it for me! Plus, I like to go to UOR for my birthday. That $25 got me a delicious shrimp risotto last year!!


@hufflematt I’ve also been able to get my pass at the desk at the resort (fully paid seasonal pass). I hope it works for you!


I’ve just received an e-mail from Cabana Bay reminding me of the features of the resort. I had forgotten about the lazy river. I really must give that whole area a try.

Anyone done it?