Hub walls

So we are 3 days out an it occurs to me that our usual fireworks spot between caseys and CP will hVe walls up… Where does everyone watch hallowishes? All packed on Main Street? Thinking my TP has to change now… Haven’t seen the walls in person yet, assuming they are too high to even see the castle show???

nope. you can still see the show from CP really well. I was off to the left. Probably could have moved over to the right some more. The trees were more in my way than the walls. I had been in a better location but was convinced to move. Still OK spot, but for photo taking, I think I should have stayed in my original location. Live and learn.

But at least this gives you a good idea of the fence height over there. for regular viewing, you’ll be just fine.


Walls would have to be really, really high to have an effect. :slight_smile:

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