A COVID outbreak among the lions and tigers at the National Zoo almost killed one of them, and seriously sickened a couple of them. So they definitely can get sick from it.

I am not sure how you mask during a Dolphin swim though, since you can’t mask in the water? Maybe for the dockside portion.

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Ooh. Interesting. I hadn’t heard that!

I used to live across from the zoo, close enough to hear the lions and gibbons in the morning. We also know someone who works with the Great cats, so followed this closely.

I think it was surprising to the public but apparently they had been taking major precautions to protect the cats. Imagine being that asymptomatic keeper who infected them :disappointed_relieved:

They told me there are special water resistant masks you are required to wear. I got the impression you aren’t supposed to go underwater during that part but by that point I had gotten the answer I needed and didn’t ask for any more clarification.

Very interesting!

Yes I read about that too! I think they closed the zoo a few days for it right?