HS with SWGE and club level FPP?

Please help! I would like to purchase extra club level FPP for HS after SWGE opens but before RoR opens. Does anybody have a sample touring plan or suggestions on which FPP to get and for what times? I have an Oga’s Cantina reservation for 9:45 am but TP is telling me the line for Smugglers Run will be shorter in the afternoon than the morning. We want to hit all the Star Wars and toy story land rides, as well as tower of terror and RnR. Just can’t seem to figure this day out. TIA!!

Plan to use CLFP late December, so following along to see what advise you get.

When are you going? Can you take advantage of EMH or EEMH?
With the tiering in HS and no FPP for SWGE, could you split your HS into multiple days? Use CL and regular FPP one day and tackle SWGE another day.

You’ll be able to get your 3 club level fpp and one regular top for tier 1 rides. My recommendation would be to get RnR, TSMM, SDD and ToT. Then you would need to ride ASS standby.

If you plan on those, put them in a touring plan and see what it recommends.

I just booked mine the other day. I decided to put all my CLFPs in the morning and then leave the afternoon “free” so we don’t run into any scheduling conflicts.

We will rope drop ToT, then have back to back FPs for RnR, SDD, and TSMM (skipping Alien’s b/c we have done it). We then have a 2:00 Cantina ADR. Hope to get into SWGE at 1:00 and eat lunch somewhere. Then we have a 3:00 Droid Depot. Not sure how long Smuggler’s Run will be at that point, but we will decide to get into line or not after building our Droid.

The rest of our FPs for that purchased day will be in MK in the evening.

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EEMH ends the week before we get there… we’ll see if they extend it or not. As of now, my goal is to do all of HS in one day, but I have a back up morning planned just in case…

I know what ASS means, but I can’t help but chuckle at “you’ll need to ride ASS on standby”, because apparently I’m 12.:rofl:


:slight_smile: The family friendly acronym version is AS2

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@Dmarie1978 Guess I’m 12 too.

@heidelj Good suggestion to put desired rides in personalized plan to get a sense of order.

@BaLaLaLaLa After you get an idea of order, you can add your ADR and estimated FPP times to get a evaluate. I think the key will be to RD a ride and get first FPP for the 9am hour. You could get 2 rides before your Oga ADR.

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I was thinking whether or not I should say this aloud :joy:


I don’t recommend riding on a full stomach

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