HS TP Check please!

Hey everyone! I am working on my TPs for my upcoming trip and I was hoping to get some thoughts on my HS personalized plan for 9/24. I’m feeling pretty good about the timing of everything because it’s just me and my husband and we’re relatively quick walkers, but I set the pace to average. For dinner, I have down a pit stop at Tune-In Lounge as we didn’t want to commit to two sit down meals in a day, but I love 50s Prime Time Cafe. Has anyone tried getting drinks and apps there?

We have the dinner package for Fantasmic, so I’m not worried about arriving 30 mins before show time, and I’m willing to cut ruthlessly if needed.

Thanks so much for all of your thoughts and feedback!


EDIT: Fixed link! Does it work now? I hope I did this one right :confused:

I’ve had drinks and full dinner at the bar… it was good, but basically just a bar with 50s theming. You won’t get the full character of the restaurant.

I LOVE Tune-In and also the bar at the Derby. Both have full menus with the best food in the park. Excellent choice. Fried chicken and a PBJ for me at 50’s. I prefer it as a lunch as I show up a little before opening for easy sitting. PS. Your link didn’t work for me

Check your link. Not working.

I’d say the bar is fun, but not nearly as fun as a sit down. It’s also usually filled to capacity, at least around mealtime.

I hope I fixed my links! Thanks for checking everyone :slight_smile:

There is quite a bit of criss crossing but as you’re 2 adults and you have all day it’s not an issue. Do you want to do anything twice? Not sure whether you can change your FP, but you could do TSMM twice first thing and get a FP for RnR before or after ToT. Jedi seems an unlikely choice for the morning if you are only watching.

That’s a good point about Jedi. I like to watch it as a nice way to relax for a few minutes and unwind, but I hopefully shouldn’t need to relax that early in the day :stuck_out_tongue:

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