HS touring plans and FP recommendations Sept 29

We have decided Sunday Sept 29 for our HS day. We are not lanning on getting there for 6am EEMH, but more likely 730a. Tomorrow is my FP selection day and I am strugglng to decide my FP priority if SDD is not available in the 1st part of the day…We love RnR, TSMM and ToT. Deciding between RnR or TSMM…what would you do ??

After a very GLITCHY morning…No SDD for our 60+1 day @ HS. Since I know our group wont be arriving for EEMH, but possibly get there by 730am. I selected TSMM for 930, then went ahead with Star Tours @ 1040 and then MV3D for 12p which we may scan and drop as not sure how interested we are in it. We have Fantasmic dessert party that night so depending on our progress with the morning and RnR, ToT and Alien SS, my touring plan seems like we could head back to resort for pool and relaxation around noon and then come back for evening FP if we are able to secure any and the Fantasmic Dessert party. Any thoughts, ideas or inputs are always welcome :slight_smile: Hope everyone else was successful this morning too :slight_smile:

very glitchy here too - surprised we got anything ;/ our HS day was 60+3 - no SDD - so got TSM, star tours and frozen show - rope dropping galaxys edge - so will get slinky maybe after that :slight_smile:

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Just keep checking each day and see if you can modify into the rides / times you want. GL!

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thanks :slight_smile: Thats the plan :slight_smile:

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Based on the vlog below, I was planning on just grabbing one tier-one FP at HS (no tier 2s) and then searching for more day-of tier ones if available. Is that not an option?

Think u have to use ur tier 2s b4 u can get anymore tier ones. Schedule them early on and scan n go, dont actually have to ride at that time if ur schedule doesnt call for it.

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If I were to say, do a schedule like this-
Tier 2 FP: 9 AM
Tier 2 FP: 10 AM
Tier 1 FP: 11 AM
And not go to or scan in at either Tier 2 FPs, am I able to get another Tier 1 FP as soon as I scan in at my 11 AM Tier 1 FP? Or do I actually need to tap in at those Tier 2 FPs?

People are having different experiences. Some say u actually have to tap the tier 2 and others are having luck just letting them expire. Could u have 1 person in the party go tap ur tier 2s say around 9:55, just to be safe?