HS Touring Plan + Trials of the Temple = Sisyphus?

Sisyphus was the Greek guy of legend who had to roll a boulder up to the top of a hill, but each time he got it almost there, it would roll back down the hill. So he was stuck doing this for eternity. Which is how I feel trying to make a Hollywood Studios touring plan while incorporating Trials of the Temple, which is literally the ONE THING my seven-year-old wants to do at HS (besides meeting Kylo Ren).

Because he’s not interested in Tower of Terror and is too short for Rock’n’Roller Coaster, practically all we have to do in HS are shows. But because the fastpasses for shows are for specific times, rather than a range of times, and we won’t know until the day of when his TotT slot will be, there’s just no way to effectively plan, as far as I can tell, without literally making a touring plan for every single possible TotT timeslot, which seems nonsensical.

We’re planning to create a plan “on the fly” the day of, so to speak, unless someone else has a better idea?

What about Star Tours, Toy Story, or the Great Movie Ride? Those are the only other rides. I would just go to the first Indiana Jones show, I wouldn’t think there’d be much of a line in comparison to later.

Oh, we have FastPasses for Toy Story and Star Tours (there didn’t seem to be any for Great Movie Ride…maybe it’s scheduled to be down for maintenance when we’re there?), but I’m more trying to figure out the most efficient way to tour and see the park in one day, but without that key TotT piece, the software just isn’t very helpful at maximizing efficiency.

Great Movie Ride is in the same tier as Toy Story. You can ride Great Movie ride by stand by though.

I made a few different touring plans using the Jedi training times I hoped to get. We also booked an 8:15am reservation for Hollywood & Vine. With that we got in before the park opened and signed up for Jedi training before breakfast. We had our choice of times and almost no wait. It was worth the cost of the breakfast for us.

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just pick a time you’d like to do it, and build the TP around that. Once you know which time he’s doing it, evaluate your plan, and make changes as needed. If you’re at the front of the line you’ll be able to pick the time he’ll be participating in.

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What is trials of the temple? This is a new one for me

It’s the new/more formal name for the Jedi Training Academy.


This is what we did, too, and it worked like a charm. We could rest fairly assured that we would get the training timeslot we wanted and plan everything else around it. For us, it was definitely worth the cost of the breakfast (we were on the dining plan anyway).

We did it on an EMH day - first slot was gone but we could have anything else and I’d already planned to do it just before lunch at Backlot so it was perfect.