HS Touring Plan Insight

I’m posting my plans one at a time as I “finalize” the same. I am traveling with my parents, DD almost 3, DD 5, and husband. We are staying on a monorail resort and have the Deluxe DDP. Our HS day is planned for Monday, 5/13.

I am planning on purchasing the EMM for our HS day if Disney ever releases it! Thus, I do not have any Toy Story Land attractions on my plan as we will knock those out at EMM. We will grab the included breakfast at 8:40 ish. We plan to drive to HS in the morning. After our resort break, we will take the bus back to HS then Minnie Van back after Fantasmic.

Thoughts, please and thanks!!


-Celebrity Spotlight

-BB-8 ( only Star Wars attraction because my girls love robots! Side note: why aren’t there any WALL-E related things at WDW :cry:)

-Parents take girls to Disney Junior Dance Party (9:40 FP) while DH and I ride RnR on 9:00 FP (end of window) and ToT on 10:00 FP (beginning of window)

-Frozen Sing Along @ 10:30

-Beauty and the Beast Live (11 FP for all)

-Voyage of Little Mermaid @ 11:40 (this is a maybe)

-H&V ADR @ noon with Fantasmic dining package

break at hotel

-Hollywood Brown Derby ADR @ 6:10


The breakfast for emm is until 10 am. You can do a few headliners right at 9am if you’d care to knock them out before breakfast. You can position yourself at the headliners and have access before rope drop if you’d like. With kids that young not sure if you have interest, but I’d suggest using that am time on attractions, and doing the breakfast a lil after 9:30.

The biggest problem I see is you are planning on the Frozen Singalong at 10:30 followed by Beauty and the Beast at 11am. I am pretty sure that is not physically possible, even with planning on a FP. Others can correct me if I am wrong but Disney has all of these shows scheduled so you can’t do them back to back. By the time you exit Frozen and rush across the park to Beauty, the FP line will have been let into the theater and the standbys will have entered also. A FP for these shows does not reserve a seat for you it just gets you first choice of seating.

Okay I’ll double check that. I optimized it but it had a disclaimer about getting to an attraction late- that must be why.

Great idea- I can have my parents take them to Olaf/ BB-8 while we rope drop and then meet back up for breakfast.

You also might have an adr issue.
I’d VERY much consider moving the lunch adr to later for the F! Package. And the dinner adr, I’d cancel. You can ( and should) eat well at emm. Lunch at high noon is not a good thing. It’s the same time most other ppl will be looking to lunch. Emm is all you care to eat. Eat well at emm, and do a later f! Pkg before you break.

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I think that’s a problem with all my TP . . .

I hope you enjoy Brown Derby as much as we did in October! Fantastic meal & service, beautiful room.

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