HS Touring Plan for young kids Apr 2020

I’m playing around with potential plans for HS Apr 2020 visit and would love your feedback. Trying to focus on the young kiddos (two 4yo girls & two 2yo boys) but adding in fun for the parents as well. This plan is jam packed (w/o bathroom breaks and food considered), but we will be flexible by dropping any character meets and such that aren’t important to us in the moment. We could potentially eliminate the mid-day break, since we have a rest day the next day (& kids have done all-dayer in a different amusement park w/stroller naps on the go). And having hit our high priorities earlier in the day, we could cut the night early. Also, 4pm and after is a time for some of the adults to split off and spend more time in Galaxy’s Edge, if they prefer. Thanks for your thoughts!


A couple of comments:
-Your plan start time says 9am but then actually starts at 8am. Which time is correct?
-I personally would go straight to TSL at rope drop. With kids that young I would maximize their happy morning hours with stuff they enjoy. If you RD RnR you will waste time walking while waits climb quickly in TSL. I would RD TSMM or the character meet (which sometimes has 45-60 min waits), finish up TSL then move on before it gets super hot back there.
-If your whole party doesn’t want to watch BatB, this is a great time for adults to do RnR and/or ToT.
-Your break is too short. 140 min may just barely cover your travel time depending on which resort you are at. I would do a minimum break of 240 minutes or just skip it completely.
-You don’t have either SW ride listed and only 1 hr for Galaxy’s edge. Are you planning to ride? Just walk around?
-I think the Incredibles dance party is over now. But I will have to confirm this.

I think you’ve got lots of great stuff in there, I would just try to move things around some.

Thanks! I really appreciate your ideas! EMM is 8am (plan keeps changing the time on me). I’ve heard that RD RnR and then heading to TSL doesn’t add much time to your wait in TSL, but this will definitely be a RD-time decision. RNR during BatB is a GREAT alternative, thanks! I’m thinking we will skip the break (you’re right, 140 is short). The 1 hr Galaxy’s Edge time is just to walk through. That’s when the group will split off and some will stay and ride rides. I also figure some may do ST during Muppets & Olaf.

Hard to prepare at this point not knowing what the FP+ structure will be when MMRR & RotR open. I highly doubt HS will keep all rides in Tier 1. But still, how do you choose between SDD, MMRR, & RotR???