HS Touring Plan- Finalized-ish

Ok, so I think my HS plan is as finalized as it can be for now. Could you take a look and let me know your thoughts?


Background info:
This is our first HS day and priority #1 is to secure a boarding pass. We don’t plan to ride MMRR (We have a fp for the next time) this day until we get it during a SDD. Also, not really sure what we want to do about MFSR. It’s a priority to ride once on our trip but hoping we can get a SDD for it. If not, we may come back and ride it at night before closing. We have split fastpasses across our group as I have kids from 2-13 on the trip. I used the notes section to tell what the other group will do during that ride duration.

Hey, we can’t access that plan.

You need to hit the edit button, then tick the publish checkbox and then post the new link it gives you

Ok it’s fixed. I must have copied the wrong link.

Your plan looks good. In case your BG is later in a day, you can move Indiana to earlier show or leave and come back when BG is called.

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I think this looks good - my only though is rope drop. If you are planning on being there to get a BG, why not get there early enough to RD MFSR - then you don’t have to bank on a SDFP, but if you do get one it can be a second ride rather than a first.

I have the same thought on RD. If there early enough you could hit a high demand ride instead of star tours. ST does not have any other rides near it so RD that is harder because then your second ride is going to be longer wait. Toy Story has 3 rides in close proximity so u could potential do SDD or TSM and then do ASS as your 2nd ride. But I understand some people don’t ride things twice but my family rode all of those multiple times each day and loved it

I was under the impression that MFSR was too crazy to rope drop. Is that not the case?

I have a day planned at HS that looks just like this! I’m not an experienced planner (first trip), but obviously there’s something to our thought processes of our plans look so similar! I have CL FPs that day so have all 3 in TSL plus MLSR all in a row starting at 9 am. My current park opening time is still listed at 9, which will likely become 8. Either way, we’re hitting STar Tours first like you. If I can’t move my last TSL FP to 8, then we’ll probably also meet Olaf right at 9 before hitting up TSL.

Figuring out how to get ROTR in there though…I’m not even putting it in. Just leaving some space and crossing my fingers.

How much time should I allow for MFSR if I arrive at the park at 6:45 on an 8 opening?

I’ve not done it myself yet so not sure. I’m planning to arrive between 6 & 6:30 for my day on April 7. I’ve seen front of pack rope drop reports saying they are on and off by 8:30 or 8:45. Watching closely for updates.