HS touring approach

I’m thinking about the following:

Book ILL for RotR whenever I can get it.
Book LL for SDD for as early as possible

Starting 8:30am (staying on property):
ToT… hoping I can get this as a second LL, after burning SDD.

The rest of the day, just take it as it comes, using LL as they come in a descending order of priorities. Don’t need to ride MFSR, and definitely not RnRC or ST.

What do you think, in general terms?

That makes sense to me. I’d grab SDD before RotR if you had to prioritize, so you can get it as early as possible as that seems to go faster. ToT seems to have good availability, and things like ASS, TSMM and Star Tours do as well.

Good plan overall if you don’t need MFSR and RnRC.

Amended my original post, forgot all about those two rides.

I’d do both, only distinguishing SDD as LL and RotR as ILL.

This is exactly what I’ve gathered by looking at the data coming out of HS. I haven’t decided if I’d RD MMRR yet. It depends on where we are in the crowd when we arrive that morning.

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Do you think MMRR gets heavily rope dropped? I figured most go to RotR.

Yeah it’s right in front of the entrance and it’s new so people do tend to choose it for those reasons alone.

TP just did a live YouTube session comparing four different ways they toured DHS today. It might be useful in your decision making process!


Ooh can’t wait to see this. I have been splicing it so many different ways in my head. Mostly I would like to stack passes in the morning so that SDD really gets in the way…

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If you did want to ride it and you are open to skipping the pre show, I highly recommend single rider. I walked on both times I did it with single rider.

DHS is the hardest park to figure out right now. I’ve been running various scenarios in my head for a month now, and now with LL/ILL I think it’s even more complex. And my trip isn’t even until April.

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