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So I’m in the early stages of planning our May 2020 trip and I am messing around with park days and TS ideas. I am at a loss as to where to eat our first HS day. I’m planning Sci Fi for our second day at HS as my family claims that is a must this trip and for some reason that ADR can be hard to get. I have my DH and 3 boys who will be 11,11, and 8 when we go. We don’t have much of an interest in the other HS restaurants. We don’t need another character meal, don’t like Mama Melrose, don’t want to eat signature at the Brown Derby and I don’t have much of an interest in the food at PrimeTime. How much of a pain would it be to go to Sanaa from HS? We would be leaving the park sometime before dinner and going back to Pop after dinner. We have never been to AKL, so that kind of interests us as well. Any other ideas if you think it is not going to work well?

I would think it will be a rather large pain to get from Sanaa to Pop. Maybe do something at Disney Springs?

HS to Sanaa would be very easy. You could get the AKL and get off at Kidani. You could then walk/take shuttle to Jambo House. With the age of your children I would Uber from AKL to Pop. It would most likely be well under $20. The other option would be to hope the first park bus and then transfer to a Pop bus.

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We would more than likely take the bus. My kids have been ok with that. But I can discuss with DH doing Uber. Thanks!

That is my concern. DS May be a possibility. Something to look at. Thanks!

As @PrincipalTinker says, Uber is an option, but with 5 of you I believe you have to get an Uber XL, which does increase the price. I’m not sure if the $20 guess includes that, but you can go to the Uber website to estimate a trip cost if you don’t already have the app.

I did Sanaa to AoA in 2014, but I don’t remember how long it took to get back. I do remember for sure that the buses were my least favorite part of that trip, but that was with 2 kids age 4 and 2 in strollers, so it was the hassle of dealing with strollers on the buses that was the worst. You won’t have that, but I would guess it would be an hour minimum travel time to take the buses back to Pop.

Also, the recommendation to take a park bus from Sanaa is probably the best way to go. It seems like the bus service to/from DS is not as frequent as to/from the parks.

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Its really pretty easy; bus direct from DHS to AKL. Kidani is the first stop at AKL. I don’t think the buses from the parks too DS start running until 4:00 PM. You can’t get a bus direct from AKL to POP, but you could take the shofrt bus ride from Kidani to AK, then hop a bus direct to POP.


Agree that it is easy to get from HS to Kidani, then a little more planning to get from Kidani/Jambo to PoP But in addition to Sanaa dinner, your family can explore AKL’s Kidani and Jambo savannas which are great. Think Kilimanjaro Safari ride at Ak but up closer and with time to actually look at the animals.

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Here is the Uber estimator

When I just did it the estimate was under $15 for an XL

Thank you!

Have you thought of just taking the boat over to one of the EPCOT resorts from HS? There are lots of great places to eat there. Flying Fish at BW or Yachtsman at YC to name a couple of my favorites.

We aren’t looking to do signature dining.

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Here are some ideas if Sanaa doesn’t work out:

Will you have park hoppers? Head over to Epcot! :slight_smile: Tons of options.
Boat from HS to Swan or Dolphin - Kimonos opens at 5:30 - no ADR required, Trattoria al Forno at the Boardwalk, EPSN at the Boardwalk, Ale and Compass at Yacht Club, Beaches & Cream @ Beach Club. Cape May dinner buffet at BC. Boat back to HS and grab a bus to POP.

No, we won’t have hoppers. We don’t eat sushi and I’m trying not to overload us with burgers that week. I’ll have to see if my DH would be interested in Ale and Compass. Thanks!

Trattoria is Italian if that suits you.
I’ve only been for breakfast but I do hear the dinner is very good.

I have been to Sanaa - it is very good. We’re trying Boma this fall.

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